Track Your Boyfriend’s Phone and Catch Him Lying!

Track Your Boyfriend’s Phone and Catch Him Lying

There are many ways to track your boyfriend’s phone if you are having doubts about his loyalty. Typing phrases, like ‘How to track my boyfriend’s phone location for free?‘ into Google, means that you are already under immense emotional pressure and uncertainty. The fact that most of us now have digital lives makes coming across new dates and cheating on your loyal partner so much easier. 

Do you suspect he is lying about where he’s going? Although having an adult conversation about the issue seems to be the most logical option, that’s not going to work. Most cheaters will avoid such confrontations by all means. They will never admit the truth unless cornered with undeniable evidence.

There are various monitoring solutions to get all the information you need, and we will look into the best of them.

Track Your Boyfriend’s Cell Phone Without Him Knowing Using mSpy

Track Your Boyfriend’s Phone and Catch Him Lying

When your boyfriend is cheating on you, you will start to notice multiple changes in his behavior, including the following:

  • He will become more possessive about his phone and will try his best not to let you touch his devices. Even when he gives you his phone for a valid reason, he’ll do so reluctantly.
  • He may start giving himself a lot of attention in terms of grooming and outfit.
  • Since his mind is somewhere else, he would become more and more distant as time goes by, both emotionally and physically.
  • He may try to overcompensate for his guilt by being cheesy or buying you a lot of gifts, like flowers and jewelry.

With so many signs, you can hardly help getting worried and looking into the matter. You no longer want to deal with uncertainties and want to get to the truth as soon as possible. 

In times like these, a complete cell phone monitoring solution like mSpy can help you out. It is an easy-to-use and affordable spy app that works behind the scenes on your boyfriend's phone without attracting his attention. It collects all the relevant information you need to establish whether your boyfriend is cheating on you.

The mSpy app runs on both mobile operating systems, including Android and iOS, and you can also use it to track your boyfriend’s cell or tablet. Its advantage is that you don’t need to install anything on your own smartphone in case your boyfriend borrows it and sees the app. Instead, you are given credentials to a remote web portal which you access on any device using an internet browser like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Safari. Some of the top features of mSpy include the following.

Keep Track of Your Boyfriend’s Phone Location

The first thing that you start to observe is your boyfriend’s peculiar absence during most of the evenings and even late nights. You wonder, “Where is my boyfriend right now?” and whether there is a way to track his phone. Well, with mSpy, you do have one.

Since it is a complete monitoring solution, it can act as a cheating boyfriend cell phone tracker to give you his real-time location. Moreover, you can also see places he has been to and the paths he has followed to go to those places. With this information in your possession, you will immediately know if he is lying about his whereabouts. This is the boyfriend finder app you need.

See What He Is Browsing on the Internet

A cheating boyfriend may visit many websites that can reveal his true intentions. Fortunately, with the mSpy app, you can view all of his online activities, including the websites he has visited. Even if he has deleted his browsing history, you can still see what websites and pages he has removed. In fact, it is probably where the real clues are. This way, you will see if your boyfriend is being loyal to you or catch him if he’s into someone else.

Track Your Boyfriend’s Text Messages

How can I see who my boyfriend is texting for free? This is what you wonder about when you see him texting sneakily. There is that smile on his face that tells you something is going on, but you don’t have anything to prove it without having an option to track your boyfriend’s text messages. Thankfully, mSpy has the full capability to record every text message sent and received, even the ones that have been deleted. In a matter of a few days, you will know if it’s really a ‘friend’ or a ‘girlfriend.’

Check His Call History

Track Your Boyfriend’s Phone and Catch Him Lying

Usually, a lot of cheating happens through texting and instant messaging apps, but call history can also point you in the right direction. With mSpy, you have the option to access complete call logs along with contact names, phone numbers, call durations, and timestamps. This will show you which number has been the busiest when it comes to your boyfriend’s phone conversations.

Track Instant Messengers

Track Your Boyfriend’s Phone and Catch Him Lying

Although instant messaging apps are meant to make our lives easier, in some cases, they make it more difficult for us. How? By making it so much easier to conceal cheating. Tinder that helps you find dates discreetly, and Snapchat that deletes all the conversation history. Such apps make it all the more difficult to find out whether your boyfriend is cheating on you or not. 

This is where mSpy can be really helpful as it records all the conversations along with the photos and media shared on such apps, including what has been deleted. From Messenger and Snapchat to WhatsApp and Tinder, it can track any app you want. This way, you can gather hard evidence of your boyfriend’s loyalty.

Track Apps on Boyfriend’s Cell Phone

Apart from instant messaging apps, there are various other applications, including social media networks like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and more, that can enable your boyfriend’s cheating. The mSpy app offers you a keylogging feature, which means recording every keystroke on his phone. With access to that information, you can probably identify his social media username and passwords and see if he is using those apps for cheating on you.

Track Your Boyfriend’s Emails

Track Your Boyfriend’s Phone and Catch Him Lying

Emails are generally not a popular cheating tool. However, you can never be too sure. With mSpy, you can access your boyfriend’s inbox, sent, and even deleted emails. You may find some information that can lead you in the right direction.

See All Media Files on Your Boyfriend’s Phone

Track Your Boyfriend’s Phone and Catch Him Lying

If your boyfriend is cheating indeed, he and his lover are likely to share photos and videos with each other. But once again, it is next to impossible to browse his phone gallery since he’s very reluctant to give his phone away. With mSpy, you can access all the photos, videos, GIFs, and other media in any format present on the boyfriend’s phone.

Steps to Track Your Boyfriend’s iPhone

If you were typing, “How can I track my boyfriend’s iPhone?” you have just landed on the right spot. Here is what you need to do:

Get his Apple credentials. You will need his iCloud credentials since that’s where all the data is backed up. And your mSpy account will sync with the cloud.
Make sure iCloud backs up the data automatically in Settings > [device name] > iCloud > iCloud Backup. You will need physical access to it for a minute or two.

Enter your boyfriend’s Apple credentials into the form on your Control Panel with mSpy. You might also be asked to enter the one-time code.
Have the device in your possession only if the two-factor authentication is on. And you will need it only for a few seconds to enter the one-time code flashing on the target screen.

After you have the confirmation that the device is now linked, you can sit back and wait for the information collected to come up on your Control Panel.

Steps to Track Him with Android

If your boyfriend uses an Android phone such as Samsung Galaxy or Google Pixel, mSpy has to be installed directly on his device. But, no worries if you are not on good terms with technologies: the process is straightforward and takes only five to ten minutes.

1Get the target phone. In your customer account, you will see the link to download the app. Type this link in the browser on the target device.
2Find the installation package, called bt.apk, on his phone in the Download folder, and launch it.
3Follow the prompts: disable Google Play Protect, enable keylogging, etc.
4Accept the license agreement and enter the registration code.
5Clear the browsing history on his phone and delete the bt.apk file.
6Sit back and wait for the updates to appear in your account.

Find Out What Your Boyfriend Has Been Looking at Online for Free

On the Internet and even in the App Store/Play Store, you may come across multiple free apps offering to see who your boyfriend is texting.

Are you wondering if you can track your boyfriend’s phone without him knowing for free with those apps? If you have any doubts, they are absolutely justified: most of them do not work at all but collect your data.

However, we have good news for you. You can do it for free! Most licensed spy apps offer you a trial period. The free version of mSpy allows you to enjoy all the Basic version functionality, including Call Logs, SMS, Locations, Contact Lists, etc.

How to Track His Location for Free?

On the Internet, you may come across a number of services to track your boyfriend by phone number. Do not jump at the appealing offers, though. Not a single page offering you to input the phone number and track your boyfriend is going to work. 

Some of them will ask you to pay for the service after submitting his and your own details. The others will redirect you to another page advertising things you do not need.

Again, if you still have a question unanswered, ‘How to track my boyfriend’s phone location for free?’, go for the free trial version of licensed spyware. 

Alternatively, Google Maps can serve as a free boyfriend tracker app. However, you have to keep in mind that your boyfriend must agree to send his real-time location to you. Let us be honest: a cheating boyfriend will never give his consent. Your solution should be a stealthy method to track him.

One way to track your boyfriend’s location for free is to use third-party apps from the App Store. Phone Tracker for iPhones: GPS belongs to this type of application. Although not rated very high, it is absolutely free. It requires the target’s permission and offers support in multiple languages. 

Alternative Way to Track GPS Location on Android

If locations tracking seems to be enough for you and your only question is, “How do I track my boyfriend’s phone through GPS?” you can find some decent boyfriend tracker apps on Google Play Store. Once again, they are a risk to your data security. Apart from that, the sheer number of ads will make you uninstall them within a few minutes.

GPS Phone Tracker is an option, though. Checking its rating and the number of the customers who rated it on Play Store, you will see that this third-party app does live up to its name. Still, the information you get will be limited to your boyfriend’s locations and the routes he took.

Final Words

When you don’t know whether your boyfriend is cheating on you, it is a difficult time and the time to act. On the one hand, you want it to be false since you have an emotional investment in the relationship. And on the other, you don’t want to live with someone untrustworthy and disloyal. 

Leave off your doubts: the cheating signs that alert you in his behavior can not appear for no reason. Use professional tracking apps that have a stealth mode to put your mind at rest as soon as possible. Even the free apps or the professional spyware trial versions, like mSpy, will give you enough functionality. 

Once you understand the situation better, you will know whether to relax or purchase the full package to get more hard evidence. It will help you track your boyfriend’s phone to give you the information you are looking for.

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