Best Guide on How to Spy on Someone’s Twitter Account

Spy on Someones Twitter

These days, most of us are spending more and more of our time in the virtual world. The activities on someone’s social media can tell you a lot about their habits. Platforms like Twitter allow us to share our opinions freely. They help us connect with millions of people as well. But this newfound freedom can backfire on us as well. 

You could be struggling with a case of a cheating spouse, or you’re worried that your child is in a suspicious company online. Either way, you may want to find a discreet way to spy on someone’s Twitter account without them finding out. Hence, I did a lot of research and found ways on how to become a discreet Twitter spy online. 

This article is a summary of my personal experience and research. It lists down the methods and apps that worked for me. Once you’re done reading this blog, you’ll know the available methods for Twitter spying. This way, you can choose the method that best serves your purpose.

Spy on Someone’s Twitter Account

How to Spy on Twitter Effortlessly?

To spy on the Twitter account could be a useful tool to check someone’s private activities on this social media platform. You can check their direct messages and protected tweets, as well as the people and the pages they follow. If you’re a brand, it could be an excellent way to check on your competitors. It will help you analyze their strategies, as well as tap into their follower base. 

Here are various ways I found by which you can spy on Twitter. While some of them reveal basic info, other methods can throw open the entire target profile. You can choose your preferred method, depending on how in-depth you want to go with your spying:

  • Social Media Dashboards: If you’re a brand that’s curious to know how your Twitter page fares vis a vis that of your competitor, you can use a free tool called a social media dashboard. This simple online tool will help you directly compare how your brand’s Twitter page is performing. You can use it to compare your followers, engagement, conversation trends, etc.
  • SIM Swapping: This method involves taking control of the target’s registered phone number to a SIM card that you have control of. This way, the new SIM will receive all the OTPs and password alerts. Once the verified number for the target profile is ported to a SIM that you can control, you can use it to change the password or login to their Twitter account. This method is tricky since you’d have to convince the mobile phone operator to port the number.
  • Phone Spy Apps: Among different spying methods available, I’ve found using phone spy apps to be the best. Spyware is one of the easiest and the most effective ways of spying on someone’s Twitter account. But there are a lot of spy apps available online that claim to work – but not all do. Hence, it’s essential to look for one that is discreet and actually works.  
  • In-Depth Profile Investigation: If you want to find out as much as possible about a Twitter page without hacking it, you can do a thorough analysis of their profile. This will involve checking their followers and following lists, for seeing the kind of people and pages they interact with. You can also check the section of their profile marked ‘Tweets & Replies’ to see who they are replying to, as well as what they’re writing.  

How to View a Private Twitter Account?

Spy on Someone’s Twitter Account

If someone has a private Twitter account, it means that you can see only limited details. These are their photo, bio, and followers and following lists. Their tweets, replies, and likes will be hidden from the public. Usually, if you want to view a private Twitter account, the target person must approve your follow request. 

But there are ways by which you can gain access to someone’s private Twitter account:

  • Keylogger: If you want to find out the target person’s Twitter password, you should install a keylogger on their device. This software can be sent via a link in an email to the target person. Once you install the keylogger, it records every keystroke made by the person on their device. This information is then transmitted back to you via an online dashboard.
  • Twitter Spy App: Another effective way to do this is to install the right Twitter spy app on the target device. These apps can mirror the target phone and send that information back to you. With a trustworthy phone spy app, you can not only access someone’s Twitter account but do a lot more. For example, such software lets you even access their other social media pages, incoming and outgoing calls, and photos and videos as well.

How to Spy On Someone’s Twitter

Spy on Someone’s Twitter Account

There could be many reasons why you may want to spy on someone’s Twitter account. The target person could be concealing suspicious information from you. Such situations require quick action to check for any troubling information on the target’s social media profiles. 

I did extensive research on how to spy on the Twitter account without surveys, going through brands that claimed to offer the Twitter spyware that works. I went through all the popular spy apps available online to find which ones work and which do not. Though all claimed to allow you a hassle-free spying experience, most fell through on this promise. The only app that performed as promised turned out to be mSpy. This is an affordable app that can be installed on both iOS as well as Android devices and works pretty conveniently. Let’s find out more about this app and how it helps:

What mSpy Does?

mSpy is a phone spy app that lets you discreetly access the target person’s and see their phones’ activities such as calls and messages on social media accounts like Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. It also has a keylogger feature that records all the keystrokes and words typed by the target person on their phone. 

You can also browse the target person’s browser history, photos, videos, and GPS location as well. The best part is that this app leaves no visual trace on the target phone to assure that you’re discreet.

How to Install mSpy?

The most relieving thing I found about mSpy is how easy it is to install on the target phone. It can be installed in under 5 to 10 minutes and involves no technical knowledge, jailbreaking, or rooting the target device. In fact, in the case of Android phones, you don’t need the physical phone to install this device, as it can be done by sending an installation link discreetly. 

To get the mSpy app on an Android phone:

  1. Create an account on the mSpy official website.
  2. Receive the login credentials in your email.
  3. Get physical access to the target’s device. 
  4. Log in to your Control Panel.
  5. Find the targeted phone.
  6. Root the device.

To get the mSpy app on an iPhone:

  1. Purchase a subscription on the mSpy official website.
  2. Receive an email from mSpy confirming your purchase.
  3. Select your target device to initiate the installation process.
  4. Access the jailbroken iPhone.
  5. Access the Cydia app on the device, and go to Sources.
  6. Press Edit and then Add. A command prompt will open. Enter into the address bar and click on Add Source. This will prompt the app to be downloaded on the Jailbroken iPhone.

How to View Someone’s Twitter Account Using mSpy?

The mSpy app has a convenient online dashboard that can be opened on any Internet browser. You can access this dashboard whenever you want. The app updates itself with new information every 5 minutes. This way, you always know what activities the target person is doing on their device. With this dashboard, I was able to browse calls, Twitter messages, private tweets, etc.

Why mSpy Worked For Me?

In my personal experience, mSpy turned out to be quite a helpful intervention. My sister contacted me to help her check in on her teenage son’s private Twitter account. This was because she worried that he was being subjected to cyber harassment. 

With mSpy, I was able to install the app on his phone within minutes. The process of checking his protected Twitter account was a breeze. Upon reading his messages, I realized that he was being bullied by a group of older students from his school. This led to a timely intervention by the school administration. If I hadn’t accessed his profile, we would’ve never realized what he was going through.

Spy on Someone’s Twitter Account

Final Thoughts

There are many ways you can spy on someone’s Twitter account – some are easy to carry do, while others are trickier. Whatever be your reason, it’s essential to find a method that’s hassle-free, stealthy, and easy to carry out. In my experience, using the mSpy app has been the easiest and practical way to gain access to someone’s Twitter account. I hope my experience will help you too, and you’ll keep you and your loved ones safe in the online world.

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