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Spyzie.io is an amazing spy app that can help you monitor your loved ones remotely. The app allows you to see the phone’s screen, listen in on conversations, track location and more! This blog post will give you a full review of this powerful application so that you can decide if it is right for your family.

What is Spyzie.io?

Spyzie.io is an application that allows you to monitor your loved ones remotely, even when they are not using their phones! The app works on both Android and iPhones; however, if the phone runs on iOS 11 or 12 it must be jailbroken in order for you to install Spyzie.

Main function and features

Spyzie for iPhone runs really smoothly on iOS devices and does not cause any lags or crashes while running in the background of your device. It will be virtually unnoticeable by others who use the phone, but it will keep recording everything that is going on with all activities on the target device recorded to allow you to go back at a later point if needed .

The spy app also provides some great features like remote installation (spy without touching target’s phone), instant SMS forwarding (view incoming text messages) , GPS location tracking, access to social media activity including private chat conversations between friends/partner etc., photos taken by camera remotely, spy on other spyware, spyzie.io review .

The spy app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices which means you can choose to install it onto any smartphone or tablet that your child/employee uses without worrying about the model of their device. You also have a range of prices/plans available depending on how much usage you need from the phone spy software. There are no contracts required so if at anytime you decide to cancel using spyzie.io , there will be absolutely no penalty whatsoever for doing so.


  • 100% undetectable (no one can find out that they are being spied upon)
  • parental control over kids devices like smartphone, tablet etc.  
  • by using this program parents will be able to know what their children do online; read all incoming & outgoing messages from Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype and more;
  • view photos and videos sent or received through social media apps (instagram);
  • determine precise location of the device, spy on all contacts and phone call logs;
  • listen to surroundings via microphone, spy on multimedia files.


  • can be used by anyone with access to target phone (no root required) so if kids use it as well they might delete spyzie app without realising or notice that there is such an application installed in their devices.  
  • not compatible with iOS operating systems: iPhone, iPad etc.
  • the monthly fee
  • you cannot spy on a mobile device without its physical access to it
  • there is no live chat support and only available ticket system for solving technical problems with installation

Installation Process

Installing this spy software isn’t too difficult but can take some time if done correctly. First off, you have to purchase a subscription plan depending on how long of a period you want access for (one month being the cheapest). After purchasing one of these packages, download the Spyzie software onto your family member’s device by logging into their iCloud account through another Apple product such as i/iPad/iPhone etc. To do this you will need to set up Apple ID (which should be your family member’s one) and then make sure the device is registered under that same account.

After this has been accomplished, Spyzie will have access to all of their data including photos, videos, messages etc. You can also track social media activity such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp/Kik etc., web browser activity if they’re using Safari or another third party app for searching online & more! All in all Spyzie works perfectly well but unfortunately there are some limitations on both Android and iOS devices which restricts them from being able to monitor everything 100% accurately…


The software itself costs $49 for a month subscription package with discounts available if purchased quarterly or annually. For iPhones, you must be running iOS 11 and for Android phones, they must have version Marshmallow or higher installed in order to spy successfully…


Spyzie is a great spy app that we can certainly recommend! It’s easy to use and works perfectly well with both Apple & Android devices so long as the proper requirements are met such as an iPhone running iOS11 and an android phone running on at least marshmallow (Android v.26) – We definitely give spyzie our seal of approval!

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