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Very few things are as comforting to a parent than knowing their child is safe at all times. In our modern society, it’s becoming harder to trust that your child is safe. If you’re like most parents raising growing kids who want to spend most of their time online or out with friends, you know exactly what that’s like, which is probably why you landed on this post. You’re in search of some answers, and a solution that you can trust will make things better – not worse. This article will help you gain the clarity and confidence you need as you seek solutions to safeguard your child.

Is There A Way To Protect Your Child When Out Of Sight?

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In today’s world of technology and smartphones, it has never been easier to ensure your child is safe and has instant access to your aid whenever they need it. All this, thanks to software applications that make it possible for you to track and monitor your child’s phone remotely. Some apps are, of course, better than others. In this post, we want to review one of the most popular solutions that many parents opt for – the Spyic app.

What Is Spyic?

Before we can do a proper Spyic review, it’s wise to give a simple description of what Spyic is. Spyic is a software program that can track almost any data on the targeted device without ever requiring physical contact. With Spyic, you can track and monitor calls, messages, social media accounts, multimedia (videos, photos, etc.), browser history, calendars, installed apps, and of course, you can also track the location of the device. Millions of users are currently using the Spyic app, and you can even view a demo without signing up.

What Makes Spyic Unique?

Before you can determine whether a spy phone app is worth investing in or not, here are a few fundaments the ideal app should have:

  • The software should not compromise the safety of the data contained in the targeted device.
  • You should also go for a spy phone app that gives you real-time results so you can always be up to date with the most recent activities of the device you’re tracking. But this shouldn’t drain battery life.
  • The spy phone app should ideally give you remote access for the targeted device. It needs to be invisible to the person you’re monitoring.
  • The more activities you can track on the targeted device the better.

All these fundamentals are included in the Spyic app and then some. One of the unique aspects of Spyic that many similar apps don’t have is the fact that it is entirely undetectable, which means you can observe and monitor the target device remotely in any browser. No one will ever know you’re watching. Creepy but cool.

Another unique thing is that you don’t need to jailbreak your phone if you’re using an iOS.

If you’re tracking an Android, you will need to install an app on the target device just as it is with every other tracking software for Android. But before you discount Spyic, let me remind you that even if you install the app on an Android, as soon as you’re done with that initial installation phase, the app icon will vanish and become utterly invisible to the eye. Only you will know it’s there. Since the app size is less than 2 MB, it installs in seconds and doesn’t drain battery life from the targeted device. So again – total stealth mode with the Spyic app.

How Does It Work?

The Spyic app works in the background as a tracking and monitoring program that records and uploads all the activity taking place on the targeted phone. Once you’ve installed the program, you’ll be able to access everything remotely from the Spyic account that you’ll sign up for. Speaking of which, let’s walk you through the simple steps of setting up and installing Spyic.

Getting started with the Spyic app is easy and very intuitive. They’ve made the platform very user friendly, and it should take you just a couple of minutes to sign up, configure and start controlling the target device.

To Install Spyic:

First, you need to sign up for free then choose one of the subscription plans offered by the company, depending on whether you’re surveilling Android or iOS.

Second, you need to follow the instructions to configure your monitoring dashboard. There’s a guide to walk you through it, but essentially, if you’re going to monitor and track an Android, then you’d need brief contact with the phone, so you can quickly install the app. If you’re surveilling an iOS, then you need to input the iCloud credentials of the target device to make that connection.

Third, hit the start button, and you’ll be redirected to the dashboard where you can start tracking and surveilling the device remotely.

Spyic Spy Phone App Review

Is Spyic Free?

Spyic combines great features with excellent performance and reliable customer support. That comes at a price that many users consider fair value. Spyic is not free, but it does offer flexibility depending on your budget and how many devices you want to monitor. If you’re tracking an Android, the basic price is $39.99 for a one-month license that can only be used on one device. They have a variety of other price options, including a family package of $69.99 for a one-month license that can be used across three devices. For iOS devices, they offer a 12-month license for one device at the price of $12.99, or if you run a business and need this to monitor employees, you can consider getting their business package, which is $399.99 for a one-month license for 25 devices.

Is Spyic Legit?

The company is legal and trusted by millions globally. It’s also permitted to use this software as long as you are using it according to the laws with only permit usage if you’re a parent monitoring underage children or an employer monitoring company-owned devices. It’s also legal to use it on personal devices to keep your precious data and gadgets protected at all times.

Is Spyic Invisible?

Spyic is 100% invisible and undetectable. Only you will know that you’re monitoring and controlling the targeted device.

Do I Need To Root The Phone To Install Spyic?

No, you can install Spyic without rooting your device. However, if you’re monitoring an Android and you’d like more advanced features such as geofencing to become available to you, then you will need extra permission.

Are there alternatives to Spyic that I should know about?

After testing several other highly reputable brands that offer similar solutions. We’ve compared brands such as Xnspy, mSpy, Hoverwatch, and Spyic and found that the better alternative for someone who is looking for something more robust and with added padding of customer support is the mSpy app. While Spyic is a good product, we found the combination of excellent customer support, incredible features with access to more spy functions that are priced at an extremely pocket-friendly rate can only be found in the mSpy app. So, if you’re looking for something even better, mSpy will meet all your needs.

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The bottom line when it comes to protecting your child, monitoring employees, tracking down a spouse, or simply protecting your precious smartphone is that you need to opt for tracking software that makes you feel safe. Spyic is legit and a great product to use. But when it comes to which app to invest in, I always recommend you test things out for yourself.

Evaluate apps such as mSpy and do a price to value comparison to see which one gives you the biggest bang for your buck and which one you feel confident will enable you to get what you want. In our mind, we think mSpy checks all the boxes, and their policy and customer support backs it up. Now it’s your turn to do your due diligence and discover which one you feel most confident using.

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