Best iPhone spy software without jailbreaking

spy software without jailbreaking

The best iPhone spy software without jailbreaking is a hot topic these days as more and more people are purchasing iPhones. In this article, we will review the top five iPhone spy apps for monitoring without jailbreaking. These apps offer features such as GPS tracking, call recording, text message interception and many others!

How Does Monitoring In iPhone apps work?

Iphone hacks without jailbreaking works by tracking the location and information of your iPhone. This can be done by using a GPS tracking app or through other means, such as monitoring the text messages on another phone connected to your child’s iCloud account.

It is always better to have an iphone spy software without jailbreaking because it allows you access all the data from someone else’s device remotely. You do not need physical access to their device anymore! Some people are skeptical about how this works but there is no risk involved in your kid getting his/her privacy compromised if they do not give you their password or anything like that. All you need is knowing their username for iCloud which most parents know already since kids usually don’t delete these accounts after moving out so why take the risk of them deleting it? At least with this you can monitor their activities and be sure about their safety than not doing anything.

You will never regret having an iphone spy software without jailbreaking because, firstly, it is easy to install on your kid’s device if they don’t refuse giving you access to iCloud account (which rarely happens). Secondly, there are no monthly fees like other monitoring apps that keep billing after the trial period ends; yes! You only pay once for good life time usage which saves money in long run especially if your child is using expensive Apple devices. Thirdly, all the features work well as advertised so its better to use one app instead of multiple ones since most developers offer multi-device support. So, basically you just get one app and that does it all without jailbreaking the device.

Can Spyware be Installed On an iPhone Remotely?

yes! You can install spy software remotely on any iOS device (iPad or iPhone) – even if it is not connected to a computer at all. It works like this: once installed on your target phone, some of these apps will connect with special servers which play role of “command center” for spying activity; in other words they work as remote control panel where you can see what’s going on inside monitored devices through live screen video recording and GPS tracking feature . For example Mspy allows access to recorded calls & sms messages , real time GPS location, calendar and notes, browser history and bookmarks , contacts and addresses .

All the latest iPhone spy apps can be used remotely without jailbreaking your phone. However some may require more technical knowledge than others so you should pick one that matches your skills level to avoid any issues or extra costs for help from apple support.

Remote installation is more expensive than software installation on a target device because it requires special servers which cost money to set up; however we believe this price difference is justified as remote app monitoring provides much better value for money – think of an ability access all data generated by monitored devices at anytime & anywhere (it’s like having several iPhones in one).

1. Mspy Review

MSpy is one of the best spying applications available in 2010! It gained its popularity due to affordable price tags as well as advanced features such as call interception, text messages reading, Facebook & WhatsApp message readouts and much more! You won’t find a better offer anywhere else – it’s definitely worth checking out if you plan on buying an iphone spy without jailbreak!

Mspy’s additional features:

  • Monitoring Facebook chats and posts;
  • Monitor photos shared over social networks such as Instagram and Twitter;
  • Keeps record of browser history including visited websites and apps that were downloaded onto the monitored iPhone device;
  • Track emails sent through the monitored iPhone;
  • Track text messages sent and received by the person you are monitoring;
  • Monitor WhatsApp chats (including group conversations);


  • Can be installed remotely and secretly (no need to jailbreak)
  • Monitoring of outgoing calls.
  • Keeps track of all incoming/outgoing messages on WhatsApp, Viber & Skype.
  • It doesn’t require physical access to the target phone in order to install it – everything can be done from any computer or smartphone with internet connection! You will receive an email once installation is completed so you won’t have a chance missing your targets activities ever again!


  • Doesn’t include all features in all plans
  • not free
  • This software only tracks the location of three things.

2. Cocospy

This the second app in our review that can remotely control iphone without jailbreaking . It is compatible with all versions of iOS. This app has its limitations just like the other apps, but it does offer a pretty decent and reliable service for tracking your kids or employees activities on their smartphones without jailbreaking them. It costs $15 per month if you opt for an annual subscription which is very reasonable in our opinion so we can definitely recommend this one! Keep reading to find out more about Cocospy features.


  • Tracking phone calls 
  • Track text messages history and deleted texts on iPhone remotely 
  • Logs all incoming and outgoing SMS, it has a complete record of every message sent from the device being monitored. 
  • Read messages stored in iCloud or you can use their password protected online control panel to see them as they are typed by your kids.

In addition, if the target user deletes any message on his/her mobile device just after sending or receiving – don’t worry! With this app installed on an iOS gadget – there is no way for its owner to delete any information without Cocospy knowing about it immediately! The same applies to Whatsapp chats history which also will be uploaded onto the account managed by a trained specialist


  • Compatible with iPhone and Android devices – no need for root access (no jailbreaking required) & SIM card change needed!!
  • High accuracy location feature that uses GPS + wi-fi triangulation works even better than Apple’s native Find my Phone function!
  • includes call interception feature which allows you to listen in on live conversations.
  • includes recording of phone calls and location history, giving you full control over the device from your online account!


  • You need a PC or Mac computer for installation as this iPhone spy app works only with desktop versions of macOS and Windows operating systems.
  • Cannot be used on iPad devices so if you want to track iPads too then choose Mspy instead.

3. Minspy


Minspy is another great spying software that can be installed on an iOS smartphone without jailbreaking it but unfortunately there are no trial options available – either buy a subscription package right away or forget about using their service because they don’t provide refunds once payment has been madewe think that’s quite unfair!).

Minspy is compatible with iPhone X so if you have this new Apple device in your hands then choose Minspy.


  • Can be installed on any iPhone, iPad iPod without jailbreaking it.
  • No need to have access to target phone physically – it works remotely from anywhere in the world!
  • Shows a location of a person at particular time and date with high accuracy.


  • The best feature of Minspy app is that it can be installed within a few minutes and doesn’t require any technical knowledge (however, read the installation guide before installing)


  • Only 14-day trial.
  • Registration is required to monitor a target phone and if you want to buy the app then it’s better do this immediately after registration because your account will be deleted in 24 hours.

It offers a wide range of features: tracking phone calls and texts messaging, GPS location located on map (you can even track offline mode), email content monitoring, browsing history access to social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram; you should know that Minspy doesn’t log WhatsApp.

4. Spyic


Spyic is a high-quality but not the cheapest spy app. It offers all essential features without any additional options like Minspy or mspy, which makes it one of the best phone monitoring apps for iPhone in this price range (it costs $59).

It works on iOS devices only and you can install Spyic surveillance app in iCloud mode.

You can get your device data remotely, but you will need to contact Spyic support staff for further instructions on how to do it properly and quickly (don’t worry, they are really helpful). This phone spy app is quite easy-to-use which makes installation process simple even if you have never installed any mobile monitoring.


  • Email support
  • Social media monitoring including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Viber messages.
  • The app will show you the content of your child’s or employee’s secret conversations in real time.
  • All messages are logged into a safe online account where they remain encrypted until you want to view them again.
  • All text messages sent from an iPhone can be read on the web within minutes of being sent.
  • The software is compatible with all iPhones including iPhone X, iPhone SE and iOS 11 or later versions.
  • Phone call recording – GPS location tracker


  • Remote installation;
  • Work in iCloud mode;
  • No jailbreak needed.


  • No chat recording;
  • Some functions works only on jailbroken devices.

5. Spyzie

Spyzie app mSpyLite

This is a great app that works with all iPhone and iPad devices running iOS up to 11.

It is compatible with IOS 12 but does not offer live chat recording at this moment.


  • All social media activity;
  • Calls recording, including WhatsApp chats and Viber calls.


  • Easy installation;
  • Live location tracking;
  • Call interception, including FaceTime calls;
  • iMessage sender details (iPhone only);
  • No jailbreak needed.


  • Some functions works only on jailbroken devices;
  • No chat recording.


Why You Need iPhone Spying Apps?

The main reason people use spying apps is to monitor their children or employees. If you want to find out if your child is spending too much time on a smartphone, then a spy app for iPhone can be very useful. The same goes about monitoring employees’ productivity at work and whether they are using company devices for personal reasons.
The second reason why parents may want to monitor their children’s iPhone use is cyberbullying. If your child receives abusive texts or messages from other kids, you won’t be able to read it without a spy app for tracking cell phone activity on an iphone.

Can You Spy On An iPhone Without Jailbreaking It?

Yes! There are several apps that can help you spy on an iphone device without jailbreaking it. One of the best iPhone spying apps for this is mSpy that can monitor iMessages, calls and many other things in real time.

Are There Any Free Spy Apps For Monitoring iPhone Device?

Absolutely! There are several such applications available today: they allow you to track text messages, GPS location, call logs and even spy on WhatsApp chats. How to monitor text messages without access to target phone is an important question that most parents or employers ask themselves when they start looking for iPhone monitoring apps.

Can Jailbreaking Break Your iphone?

Jailbreaking won’t damage your iDevice in any way: it just “unlocks” some of the system settings so you can install third party software (apps) not available at App Store. However, jailbroken devices are more vulnerable than non-jailbroken ones so if your goal is to protect data stored on your device – only use official Apple applications!

Can Spyware be Be Installed On an iPhone Remotely?

Yes, it is possible to install spyware on an iphone remotely . It means that you won’t need physical access to the target device. This method also allows parents or employers to monitor multiple devices with just one subscription.

How Does iPhone Spy Software Work?

iPhone monitoring software works in a similar way as most other mobile phone spy tools do – by tracking down all data stored within your child’s phone without having access to the actual smartphone! So instead of installing apps directly onto their phones, you can choose remote installation option and have them installed via Apple ID & password only. With this approach you don’t have any risk of damaging device hardware nor does not leave any traces for suspecting users because everything appears normal on the outside..

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