How to Read Someone’s Text Messages Without Their Phone?

How to Read Someone’s Text Messages

In this current technological age, cell phones have become an essential part of our lives, and we utilize it as a form of communication. There’s plenty that our cell phones can reveal about us, from who we’re texting to the social media applications we have downloaded on our device.

If you’ve noticed that your loved one has been consistently on their phone and seems to be frequently texting, you might be curious about who they might be messaging. Another thought you’d have in your head could be “How to get text messages from another phone sent to the mine to see who exactly they’re messaging.”  Perhaps you’re feeling uneasy as they may exhibit the behavior you haven’t seen before, including acting suspiciously or hiding their phone when you’re around.

To help ease your worries, we’ve gone ahead and provided some of the best ways to read your loved one’s text messages without their phone. We’ll detail everything you need to know, and even provide you with options to get started.

How to Read Someone’s Text Messages Without Their Phone

Is It Possible to Read Text Messages Without the Phone?

If you’ve found yourself in some of the situations listed below, it’s not abnormal to want to look at the text messages:

  • You want to see if your boyfriend or girlfriend is exchanging cheating texts.
  • You want to read your cheating spouse text messages.
  • You want to see who your child is chatting with and what the content is.
  • You want to track your company’s devices and ensure that your employees aren’t using the phone for anything else other than work.

Fortunately, there is a solution to all of the situations listed above – text spy applications. However, with plenty of such apps available on the market, it can be challenging to know where to look. While there are a plethora of text spy apps, not all of them allow you to read text messages without the phone.

For that, you’d need advanced monitoring solutions and software that’ll not only allow you to read messages, but you’ll also get to monitor their GPS location, and even check their social media applications.

Below, we’ve detailed some ways to read someone’s text messages without having access to their device.

Part 1: How Can I Read Someone’s Text Messages From My Phone?

How to Read Someone’s Text Messages Without Their Phone

Just a quick search of the Internet, and you’ll have access to plenty of ways to read someone’s text messages from your phone. However, not all of the ways detailed are reliable, and quite a few of them won’t actually work. In fact, you’ll need to be careful when selecting your solution as some of them will install malware into your device and even steal sensitive data.

So, what’s the best way for you to receive text messages from another phone? The best way is to download a trustworthy app that’s able to fulfill your needs. As a bonus, it should also have an extensive range of features that’ll go above and beyond what you’re looking for. 

These text spy apps are fantastic because the person you’re spying on will never ask the question of “Can someone spy on my text messages?”. Why? You won’t need their device to proceed with the spying. All you’ve got to do is get your hands on the text monitoring software, and you’ll read their messages online, and even check other activities, such as who they’re calling and even what they’re sending on their messaging apps.

Here’s an example of one of the best apps that’ll not only allow you to read someone’s text messages, but also provide you with access to a range of other great features.

mSpy app mSpyLite

mSpy Around-The-Clock Text Spy App That Keeps Tabs on Every Single Thing

mSpy is a fantastic text spy app that has everything you could need. Perhaps one of the greatest things about mSpy is that it works in stealth mode, so reading someone’s text messages without them knowing is more than possible. With mSpy, you can intercept text messages from another phone and keep an eye on who your loved ones are chatting with and what they’re talking about.

Another great thing about mSpy is that it isn’t just limited to reading text messages. It comes with a range of other features, such as being able to monitor call logs, check their browsing history, and have an idea of their GPS location, etc.

It’s also got a high customer satisfaction rating, and you can even test out the app with a free trial before deciding if the app will help satisfy your needs. Millions of users worldwide are using mSpy as the app can help them obtain the information they need.

Are you not quite sold? We’ve picked out some of mSpy’s top features and listed them below for your convenience.

Complete Message Monitor

If you’ve googled “How to read text messages from another phone without them knowing,” mSpy is the perfect solution. With this app, you can read another person’s text messages without installing software on their phones. This includes all incoming, outgoing, and even deleted text messages.

You can even monitor multimedia messages, and texts exchanged through other means, such as instant messengers like Telegram, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger along with social media apps such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook.

mSpy Complete Message Monitor

No Jailbreak Is Needed

Jailbreaking a target device can be a pain and require lots of complicated steps. There are plenty of other apps that require you to jailbreak the device before accessing the content. Luckily, you won’t have to go through that with mSpy. You won’t even need to have the target’s phone to read the messages – how convenient is that?

Quick Installation and Easy Configuration 

There’s nothing worse than having to spend a great deal of time installing an app. With mSpy, the app is both simple to use and install. All you’ve got to do is plug in the iCloud credentials of the target iPhone, and you’re good to go. No technical skills or advanced knowledge is required. 

Simple Dashboard

The app also has a simple interface, so you won’t need to waste time figuring out how everything works. You can open the dashboard at any time from any browser, and you’ll have access to all text messages along with all other information at the touch of a button.

No Digital Trail Is Left

When it comes to reading someone’s text messages, most of us worry about being caught. Since mSpy is entirely undetectable, that’s not something you’d need to worry about at all. Once you’ve received the login details, you can check the text messages and information exchanged on social media, GPS location, and call logs.

The app works silently in the background, so the person whose messages you’re tracking won’t see the mSpy icon on their screen. The app also doesn’t deplete the user’s battery or slow the device down, so they won’t have any idea that mSpy is installed on their device.

High-Quality Troubleshooting 

If you run into any issues, mSpy has 24-hour customer service to tend to your needs. While it’s rare for mSpy’s app to encounter any issues, it can happen. No matter what time it is – even if it’s 5 am or 6 am, there’s always someone available at mSpy customer support.

They can answer all your questions, and help to solve all the difficulties you come across. Its customer support agents can also speak multiple languages – which is helpful if English isn’t your first language.

How to Read Text Messages from Another Phone Without Installing Software

Now that you’re sold on what mSpy is capable of, here’s an example of how to install mSpy on an iPhone, and a glimpse into some of the features that mSpy offers. In this example, we’ll look at installing mSpy on iOS – one of the more popular platforms.

All you need to do is:

Create an account with mSpy.
Enter your target phone’s iCloud credentials.

mspy Screenshot of successful installation

Just two simple steps and you’ll have access to text messages, social media apps, GPS location, etc. without needing to have access to the person’s phone.

Text Messages

As mentioned earlier, you can read all incoming, outgoing, and deleted text messages from mSpy. However, it isn’t just the message you’ll have access to; you’ll also have access to the time, date, and sender/recipient information.

WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Others

The app isn’t just limited to reading text messages as you’ll also have the opportunity to see what they’re exchanging on messenger apps, such as WhatsApp, Skype, and Telegram. While most of the apps only have access to messenger apps, mSpy will provide you with additional access to Instagram Direct and Snapchat.

Incoming and Outgoing Emails 

Having access to someone’s emails can also provide you with further insight into their day-to-day lives. With mSpy, you can read incoming and outgoing emails, and even see who they’re sharing emails with.

Keylogger Activities 

With the keylogger feature, every single keystroke that’s taking place on the target device is recorded. Through this feature, you’ll have a detailed breakdown of what’s going on in the target device from their web searches, logins, and even passwords.

For your convenience, mSpy also organizes these records neatly on the online dashboard to check them anytime you want some detailed information.

Part 2: How to Read Text Messages From Another Phone for Free?

While mSpy is a fantastic app, it’s not the only app out there. If you’re looking to catch cheaters texting, another app on the market is Eyezy. Below, we’ll look at Eyezy’s functionality and whether it’s a great app that’ll allow you to read cheating spouse’s text messages for free.

Eyezy: The Phone Spying App to Read Someone’s Text Messages

How to Read Someone’s Text Messages Without Their Phone

In terms of apps to read text messages, Eyezy has a sizable number of monitoring features that make it comparable to others. Not only can it be used by parents, but it’s also great for spouses and employees. Reading text messages with Eyezy doesn’t require much effort.

However, if you’re looking for a texting spy free app, it’s essential to know that Eyezy isn’t free. While it may be a simple tool that does the job, you’d need to purchase the app. Alternatively, you can test their complimentary trial to see if it’s the right app before making your purchase.

How to Spy on Someone’s Text Messages Without Installing Software?

With Eyezy, you can read text messages without having access to the device, and you can use the spy app from any browser. It’s simple to use, and you’ll easily access the text messages from the target device online.

More than 3 million users using Eyezy worldwide, and here’s a snapshot of the features it provides:

  • Monitor text messages.
  • Monitor Instant Messengers, such as WhatsApp and Facebook.
  • Access to notes and reminders.
  • Keylogger.
  • Access to browsing history.

To use Eyezy, all you need to do is:

  • Create a Eyezy account.

Note! Unless you register for a free trial, a subscription purchase is compulsory. You need to select the subscription plan that suits best for your wants and needs. 

  • Install the software on the target device. Unlike mSpy, you will need the device to install the software.
  • Configure the application.
  • Access the dashboard to read text messages and monitor activities.

While Eyezy is a great text spy app due to the features listed above, its main downfall is that you’ll need physical access to the phone to complete the installation. Hence, this option is not great for those looking to download the app without having access to the device.

Part 3: How to Read Someone Else’s Text Messages Online for Free

When it comes to reading text messages, one of the most popular phrases googled is “How to read text messages from another phone without them knowing for free.” While there are plenty of results that come out, most of them aren’t exactly one may be looking for.

However, there is an app that’ll allow you to spy on text messages for free without having access to the phone. That app is known as FreeForward.

FreeForward: Spy on text messages without installing on target phone free

With FreeForward, you can intercept text messages without the target phone for free online. How does it work? It forwards texts from one phone to another. However, while it can forward texts and call notifications, it has very limited functionality and performance.

However, even though many people mentioned that this app is free, it’s actually not true. For the text forwarding feature to be enabled, you’d need to have physical access to the target device. The app also doesn’t work in stealth mode, so the other person will know that you’re reading their text messages.

It also doesn’t come with other features, and you won’t have access to instant messengers like Facebook and WhatsApp. One of the main drawbacks of this app is that it only works with Android devices and doesn’t work on iOS. Hence, even though the app is free, it probably won’t give you what you need, and you may want to consider other paid apps such as mSpy or Eyezy.

How to Read Someone’s Text Messages Without Their Phone

Part 4: SMS Spy Without Access to Target Phone With Free Trial

With a plethora of software available on the Internet, plenty of companies will state that their text spy apps are the best when they actually only have limited functionality. To avoid this scenario, you’d want to opt for an app that has a free trial. If you’re not happy with what the app offers, you can at least look for other options.

You could be thinking, “Well, with a free trial, I probably wouldn’t have access to text messages.” Even though that may be the case for plenty of apps, that’s not the case for the mSpy SMS spy tool.

This app is one of the most powerful tools, and you can read text messages on any iOS device without any complicated installation. If you’re unsure whether the app suits your needs, you can test it out with the mSpy 7-day free trial.

Part 5: Enter Cell Number to Read Texts for Free Without Installing on the Target Phone

Another quick google online, and you’ll see that plenty of individuals have been searching “Enter cell number to read texts for free without installing on the target phone.” That’s right; people are hoping to read someone’s text messages just by entering their cell phone number.

While rare, there is one such app –, that offers such a service. While it’s not as good as apps such as mSpy and Eyezy, it still works relatively well. How does the app work? You’ll enter the cell phone number and read the last 100 messages from the target phone – the last 50 sent, and the last 50 received.

sms mspy Screenshot of the app

To start intercepting messages, all you need to do is go to the website and enter the required information into the empty fields. Thereafter, you’d just need to type the country, email, and phone number of the person whose texts you’d like to read. After that, you’ll just have to click “Get Messages,” and you’ll have access to the last 100 messages. 

The app works in stealth mode, so you won’t have to worry about the person knowing that you’re reading their text messages. Still, it’s not 100% trustworthy. While it does work, it won’t work every single time. Before you see the text messages, you’ll also need to take a bunch of surveys and go through various verifications – which can be inconvenient.

While it’s more than alright to test out SMS-peeper, you shouldn’t expect too much. It’s better to pay for the software and use something more reliable than waste your time and effort on a free app.

Final Thoughts

As seen from above, reading texts on another phone isn’t tricky to do. With plenty of resources available online, it’s not difficult to find an app or website that’ll provide you with access to the text messages. However, it can be challenging to find an app that works in stealth mode and provide you with the information you require.

Other things to consider include finding an app that doesn’t require jailbreaking – as you may get caught physically trying to jailbreak the device, and it can put the device’s security at risk, having a plethora of features and the ability to install it remotely.

While the apps mentioned above come with their own benefits, mSpy is still the best application. With mSpy, you’ll easily access all of the text messages you need. As a bonus, you’ll also have access to an extensive range of features that other applications don’t have, such as instant messenger access and keystrokes.

If you run into any issues, there’s a 24/7 customer support to help you, installation is a breeze, and the person won’t know that they’re being tracked since all of this can be done remotely. In terms of applications, mSpy is genuinely one of the best apps on the market. Put all of your worries to rest, by downloading the mSpy application and getting everything that you could need.