Skype Cheating: Discover This Proven Way to Catch Your Unfaithful Partner

skype cheating

The increasing use of various social network platforms has highly eased communication all around the world. People can now easily get across to family and loved ones at any time they wish. Social media platforms have also made working over long distances less costly and stress less.

Skype is one such social network tool. It is the most popular social network platform for video calls. Allowing for cross-country voice and video calls, Skype also allows sending direct messages and files. Skype is very flexible for any gadget type as it supports computers, phones, and tablets.

The ease of communication Skype offers makes it the choice video call app for millions worldwide. It is mainly used for video business meetings, and social video calls between friends and family. However, it’s also one of the top network platforms used for video sex chats. Although many people ask, “Is Skype sex cheating?” The simple truth is any other relationship outside your committed one is a form of infidelity.

If you’re suspicious about your partner’s actions on Skype, you need to check what they have been doing. With a Skype monitoring app, you can keep an eye on your partner’s social platform activities. Hence, we have put together a complete guide on Skype cheating, ways people do it, and how to catch a cheating spouse below.

Why Are People Cheating on Skype?

Signs of a Skype cheating partner

Cheating is the violation of personal agreements or expectations of a relationship by getting involved sexually or emotionally with someone else. To many people, infidelity is the highest form of deceit and can leave deep feelings of anger, jealousy, and rivalry. The disappointment that comes with discovering infidelity leads to distrust and could permanently destroy relationships.

Many dishonest partners use the Skype platform to cheat and conceal it from their spouses comfortably, from married men to even cheating wives on Skype. And here are a few reasons why they use Skype for cheating.

It Works Across Several Platforms

The social media platform is supported across several devices, including Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac devices. It allows cheating spouses to connect to their outside partners regardless of the device they use.

It’s Easy to Use

Skype offers the use of voice and video calls, text messages, and files transfer. These features allow users to pass across information whenever they please concurrently. Its flexibility enables cheaters to communicate more effectively and apply various tools.

It’s Secure

One of the advantages of Skype is that it ensures user data is always secured. Its users don’t have to worry about personal information compromise.

It’s Cost-Effective

The quality provided on Skype is relatively economical. Downloading the application is totally free and subscribing very cheap for even private business accounts and would fit into any budget.

7 Signs That You Have a Skype Cheating Spouse

In most cases of infidelity, the erring spouse can show some tell-tale signs of cheating. It’s advisable not to ignore these indications when you see them. Here are some common signs that would indicate your partner might be involved in a Skype cheat.

Your Partner Becomes Distant

There’s a problem if your partner shows a lack of concern about your relationship and seems distant about your union. They may seem very cold, appear to be secretive about a problem, or interact less with you.

Reduced Interests in Routine Activities

Another sign of trouble is when your spouse doesn’t show enthusiasm while having a good time with you. You also have cause to worry if your partner starts showing reduced interest in doing routine activities with you. They always make up excuses for why those activities are time-consuming and should be reduced.

Reduced Sex Life

If your partner seems to be less excited about your sex life or starts to act like it’s a responsibility than an activity they enjoy, there’s something wrong. This loss of interest could be a firm indication that your spouse may be getting sexual satisfaction elsewhere.

Your Partner Spends More Time on Skype

If your partner starts spending a more extended period on Skype away from you and gets very defensive when you ask them what they’re doing or why they spend a long time on the computer, it may be an indication of something fishy going on.

Unusual Sleeping Pattern

Have you noticed a significant change in the sleep pattern of your partner? For example, they stay up very late after you go to bed, or leave in the middle of the night to make Skype calls. If so, it can be a tell-tale sign of infidelity.

Your Partner Seeks More Privacy with the Computer

Has your wife moved the computer to a more private room and closes her Skype whenever you approach? That’s a strong indication of a cheating wife on Skype. This is very suggestive if your spouse wouldn’t usually do that all alone.

Your Spouse Changes Their Device Passwords

If you discover that your spouse has changed their computer passwords without telling you, maybe they have something to hide.

How to Catch a Cheater on Skype?

A perfect tool that could help you monitor your spouses’ Skype without their knowledge is the mSpy monitoring application. This monitoring app will help you get access to your partner’s Skype account quickly. You’d be able to see the messages they send, and details of all video calls made or received on their accounts.

With mSpy, you can monitor all your spouses’ activities remotely. The spy app also allows you to keep track of Skype activities in stealth mode.

You can also use mSpy to monitor other social networking platforms, calls, and text history. This app also allows you to view all media stored on the target device and know their exact location.

mSpy is supported both on Android and iOS devices. It’s easy to sign up and use.


Skype is an exciting video calling platform with millions of users around the world. There’s no doubt that it’s also used for shady activities like cheating. If you believe that your partner is involved in Skype cheating, the best way to confirm is by using mSpy mobile application.