How to Track Someone on Facebook: Find Out All the Best Ways

How to Track Someone on Facebook

Facebook is an incredibly popular social media tool that has a considerable number of users. Most of us use Facebook to check our friend’s newsfeed and see what is going on in their daily lives. We also chat with our friends on Facebook Messenger. Additionally, you can also check into places and share your live location through Facebook – this functionality will prove to be useful in numerous situations. 

If you’re suspicious of your spouse or partner and think they might be cheating on you or curious about who your child is meeting with after school, a great way to find out is by tracking them on Facebook. Besides, many people use Facebook Messenger as a means of job-related communication, so you can use it to keep an eye on your staff as well.

Below, we have a detailed description of the best ways to track someone’s location on Facebook. We’ll even recommend a foolproof method that you wouldn’t want to miss for monitoring someone on Facebook. 

How to Track Someone on Facebook in Two Ways?

There are a couple of ways for you to track someone on Facebook: location sharing and the Nearby Friends feature, which we will look at in a little more detail below. While these two are great methods to follow someone on Facebook, they may not always work for different reasons, for instance, security settings.

So, what’s a better tool to track someone’s location on Facebook continuously? You’d want to use a tracking app like mSpy. Not only is it an incredibly reliable app that’ll provide you with the accurate location details of the target phone, but you’ll also be getting a plethora of other benefits. Here are just a few: an easy-to-use interface, comprehensive reports, multimedia files, and social media. 

How to Track Location of Facebook Users?

Here are a few tricks to learn someone else’s location with Facebook only, not involving any additional tools. 

  • Location sharing. When it comes to tracking a Facebook user’s location, the most popular way is to utilize the location sharing feature. However, for this feature to work, the other party would need to share their location with you. They’d have to open up Facebook Messenger and turn on their live positioning. Once they’ve shared it, you’ll then be able to see where they are. 
  • Tags and hashtags. Another way to track the location of a Facebook user is through location tags and hashtags. You can search for a location tag on someone on your friend list, and you’ll be able to see their location. This isn’t the most reliable method for seeing someone’s location, as it may not reflect where the individual is. Plenty of people also tag locations that they find interesting rather than their actual physical location. 
  • Nearby friends. For this option to work, you’ll have to download the Facebook app. Then, you can head into the More Options menu, select Nearby Friends. Turn it on, and you’ll be able to see your Facebook friends’ locations and the distance between you. 

While all the above methods do work, they’re not 100% reliable. The other party would also need to be friends with you and be willing to share that information. With a Facebook tracking app, however, you’ll have access to their location even if you aren’t friends with them, and the location will always be accurate. As a bonus, you’ll be able to see their Facebook messages along with the multimedia files that they’ve exchanged with others. 

How to Track Someone on Facebook Messenger? 

As we mentioned above, the most common way to track someone on Facebook Messenger is if they’re willing to share their live location with you. They’ll head into Facebook Messenger, accept all the necessary permissions, and share their exact geographical positioning through the app. If you would rather monitor them on the sly, however, you’d need to go with a Facebook tracking app. 

These apps will not only provide you with a range of features, but you’ll also be able to access their location in real-time. mSpy is one such app that comes with Facebook location tracking features. You’ll also be able to look at their Facebook messages, group chats and have a better idea of who they are communicating with.

The great thing about mSpy is the variety of other features you get. Let us look at them: 

  • Social media platforms. Sure, you can track Facebook, but you’ll also be able to view other social media sites such as Snapchat, WhatsApp, Skype, etc. 
  • Emails. See all incoming and outgoing emails. Get access to all the folders in the target phone owner’s email and capture important correspondence before it has been moved to the bin.
  • Messages. View all text messages, including those deleted after the Facebook tracking app installation.
  • Multimedia files. See all the photos and videos shot on the target phone and those exchanged through social networks.  
  • Keylogger. The app will be able to record all keystrokes made on the target phones.
  • Deleted content. Even if the person removed the content from their phone, you’d still be able to view everything. 
  • Contacts. See who is on your target’s contact list to know who they were interacting with most frequently.
  • Calendar. This feature will allow you to keep pace with your target person’s plans by monitoring what they have in their calendar. 
  • Invisibility. The app is completely invisible, so you won’t have to worry that the other party will know that you’re looking at their Facebook. 
  • 24/7 customer support. No matter what kind of assistance you need, there’s someone available to answer all your questions. 

No technical knowledge is required to install the app. All you need to do is download it from the App Store or Play Store, depending on the target device operating system. While plenty of apps out there in the market have complicated installation processes, mSpy is straightforward and even comes with a user-friendly Control Panel that’s easy to navigate. 

Above are only a few features that mSpy comes with; this incredible app can offer you much more. It’s also reliable, so you can be assured that the location you’re receiving is accurate. Besides, the app also never crashes, and installation takes less than 5 minutes. 

While you will need to pay for the app, it’s a reasonable price for a great all-around app that has an extensive range of features. If you’d like, you can also test the app and its functionality within a free trial period. 

How to Turn Off Facebook Location Tracking?

How to Turn Off Facebook Location Tracking

For those using Facebook, there is a handy check-in feature. You can use this tool to show where you currently are or to know your friend’s whereabouts if they share it with you. While it’s a great feature that Facebook offers, it’s also a way for the device location to be tracked. All friends or only a few chosen ones on Facebook will know the individual’s current positioning. 

While Facebook encourages individuals to use precise location tracking for a more reliable and enjoyable experience, plenty of individuals choose to shut it down due to privacy-related concerns. While a bit of navigation is required to shut down Facebook location tracking, it’s not overly complicated and only requires a few steps below: 

  1. Open the Facebook app before tapping the menu button in the upper right corner. 
  2. Tap on the Settings and Privacy button before tapping on Settings.
  3. Scroll down and choose a location before selecting location access, followed by location services.
  4. Select the Deny option in the location services window, and you’ll have disabled Facebook location tracking in the app.

While disabling Facebook location tracking will ensure that nobody will be able to track you for the Facebook app, it doesn’t work for tracking apps. That means that even if the individual you’re tracking on an app like mSpy has turned off their Facebook location tracking, the app will still be able to determine their current spot. 

Verdict: What’s the Best Way to Track Someone on Facebook? 

While you can use the location sharing feature or the nearby friends feature, downloading an app like mSpy is still the best Facebook location tracker. Why? It’s more reliable, comes with a number of other features, and will provide you with the individual’s accurate location. It’s also easy to install, and the other person doesn’t need to know that you’re currently tracking their device – how convenient is that?

You’ll be able to access messages, monitor calls, see all browsing history and even receive comprehensive reports. If you have trouble with installation, the customer service support can guide you through all the steps so you’ll have the app installed in no time at all. 

Other great bonuses of installing an app like mSpy include 24/7 multi-language customer support to assist you in case you run into any problems and the ability to install the app remotely. That’s right: you can install the app without accessing the individual’s phone. It’s truly the best Facebook user location finder that’s out there, and you’ll definitely be impressed with mSpy easy-to-use functionality. 

mSpy is the best option when it comes to tracking someone on Facebook. It’s much more dependable than the other methods listed above, and you won’t need to be friends with the person you are tracking on Facebook. Give this highly-rated app a try, and you definitely won’t be disappointed.

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