10 Clear Signs Your Husband Is Cheating With a Coworker but Hides It From You

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Signs Your Husband Is Cheating With a Coworker

Every matrimonial home experiences strain at some point. Sometimes, either one of the couples runs the risk of branching out to seek an extra-marital affair if they don’t handle the issue properly. What’s more? The chances of infidelity are higher for men, and the husband is likely to seek a relationship at the office.

You might not believe it, but office romance is more common than initially thought and would start innocuously from both parties sharing most of their work hours. The more important thing to you is to know signs your spouse is cheating with a coworker. If you’ve got reasons to suspect he’s seeing someone else at the office, the paragraphs below will give you an excellent chance at telling for sure.

Statistics and Facts Related to Office Affairs

Below are some of the numbers surrounding office affairs to give you an idea of how the infidelity type works and how many problems it poses to your marriage:

  • More than half of employees in an organization have had an office romance episode at some point. A recent study puts the number at 58%.
  • The primary catalyst to office affairs is the familiarity levels between co-workers. It is all too easy to develop an attraction for individuals you get to see often.
  • A shocking 72% of office romances have featured men older than 50 years.
  • Many people don’t know their companies’ stance on office romance. The number stands at 41% for the people who aren’t sure an office affair is a bad thing ethically.
  • 20% of those that had an office romance did so while married or in a defined relationship already. Alarming.
  • A disturbing 64% of company staff would keep their office romance a close secret. It mainly has a significant effect on the organization, as professionalism becomes grossly compromised.
  • Only 16 out of every 100 employees have the guts to make their office romance open to the staff in the firm.
  • A study showed that 18% of a given workforce had had hook-ups with a co-worker at some point. Another major problem for the company is a fragile line between hook-ups and direct sexual assault.
  •  44% of workers know of a co-worker in an office romance.
  • 72 out of 100 workers would give in to an office affair again, given a chance. This particular statistic shows that office affairs wouldn’t be leaving the corporate world soon, despite the deterrents over the past few years.

Why Do People Cheat With Coworkers?

People’s plausible reason to cheat with co-workers is that they feel a “better” connection and attraction to the individual at work. However, it is not as straightforward as it sounds. There has to be a correlative change back at the marital home (say, boredom or depression), which cheaters feel a particular person at work might be able to fix.

Other than that, distractions could lead people to have an affair with co-workers. It is not precisely black-and-white at the office, and people might have to fend off advances from the other person actively. Failure to do that — or the lack of self-control — sees you getting side-lined into the act.

10 Signs Your Husband Might Be Cheating on You With a Coworker

While the previously-listed data might be valid on a larger scale. In such a case, the more pressing need for you is to identify “signs my husband is cheating with a coworker.” Below are some of the most conspicuous signs you can follow.

1. He Stays at Work for Longer

One of the first leads you should work upon is tardiness from home on account of work. If your husband comes back home late from work repeatedly, chances are he’s seeing someone at the office.

The tricky bit of the situation is the precedence. You need to know if lateness has been the trend from the beginning. If so, the cause to suspect lowers but not wholly absent. From experience, the risk of getting in an affair with someone at work still exists even when the reason for lateness is genuine — mostly when your husband is not complaining about it.

2. He’s Conscious of Dressing Before Work

10 Clear Signs Your Husband Is Cheating With a Coworker but Hides It From You

Now: don’t confuse the sign to mean that your husband should care less about what he wears to work. Generally, he should welcome your inputs on his looks before leaving through the front door in the morning.

Where you should pay attention is when he inexplicably gets himself dressed before you got the chance to say anything about it. If it happens occasionally, or just on a weird morning last October, you have no cause to worry. However, he might be trying to impress his office lover if he does it repeatedly.

3. He Stalls at the Mention of a Particular Co-Worker

It is excellent (and recommended) to know about the other colleagues in your husband’s workplace. You could also talk about them when the both of you get around to sharing events and experiences at work on a given day.

Please pay attention when you go over his office characters in your discussions with him. Cheaters would rather that they don’t disclose incriminating information concerning their affair. If he stalls when you mention a particularly female co-worker or get defensive when you dwell on the character longer than he’d like, he’s probably having an affair with her.

4. He Discourages You from Stopping by the Office

10 Clear Signs Your Husband Is Cheating With a Coworker but Hides It From You

Objectively, it would be best if you didn’t habitually stop by at your husband’s office, but that doesn’t mean you can’t drop by occasionally. If your husband discourages you from coming at all or prohibits it outright, you might have a “yes” to your “is my husband cheating with a coworker?” question.

5. He Never Tries to Take You to Office Events

Modern offices do have events such as holiday parties, celebratory events, and so on. It’s such a time when the company can allow you to bring along a guest. Naturally, a married man ought to bring his wife when it is convenient.

You have significant cause to suspect your husband is cheating when he never tries to take you along to the office parties. What worse? If he tries to discourage you from coming along whenever you ask, he’s hiding something at the office from you.

6. Business Trips Have Suddenly Become Part of His Work

It would be best if you had a reasonably accurate idea of the detailed description of your husband’s job, as that would enable you to track and understand some changes in his schedules. Business trips might be necessary at some point at the office, but it becomes a thing to worry about when your husband shows up one morning unannounced, all dressed to travel.

If he suddenly needs to go on frequent business trips, there is a chance he uses the opportunity to see someone else at the office. To confirm the sign a little further, you could ask him about it, and when he gets touchy about the subject, he just might be having an office romance.

7. You Don’t Know Much about His Work

Cheaters would always try to shield you from knowing of their extra-marital affair, and in the case of an office romance, he’d rather you don’t know much about his workplace. It includes his co-workers, work route, and schedules.

The trend would typically begin at the start of the illicit affair at work. You don’t need to look far from the time your husband keeps mum about work before you’re onto his cheating escapades.

8. He Keeps Going on and on About a Particular Coworker

10 Clear Signs Your Husband Is Cheating With a Coworker but Hides It From You

While it is acceptable to hear compliments about his co-worker occasionally, it is often not a coincidence if your husband keeps heaping praises on another female co-worker. The premise is that humans would unconsciously paint a good picture of those to which they’re attracted.

Press further on the sign. Does the glow show whenever your husband talks about her? Would he go to great lengths to list out her work achievements? He likes that particular co-worker and is probably having an affair.

9. He’s Got Feminine Items on His Person

Say you found a few strands of female hair on his shirt or the famous lipstick stains around the collar. You can be reasonably sure your husband is seeing someone else. However, you could add more to the sign and pay attention to other items that might belong to another woman in his car, breast pockets, or pants.

10. He Forgets Stuff

Did he forget your wedding anniversary date? Or he didn’t remember the couple’s night you both planned last week? It should steadily add up against the fact that he’s dividing his attention between you and a workplace mistress.

Most office affairs signs point to the fact that men typically become less attentive in their matrimonial homes, and it could become so bad that they drift off mid-conversation.

How to Tell If Your Husband Is Cheating With a Coworker?

Signs Your Husband Is Cheating With a Coworker

If you would instead hold on to real facts than mere allegations, you would have to go beyond the workplace affairs signs to be able to tell if your husband is cheating at work. One way you can safely go about it is to gather information about interactions between him and the mistress discreetly. You would need a spy app to allow you to monitor texts, calls, and shared media between your husband and other suspicious characters.

As far as spyware goes, mSpy is the best on the market, as it allows you to track messages and calls on your husband’s phone remotely. It displays the data on a central dashboard for your convenience.

What to Do After You Find Out Your Husband Likes a Coworker?

The effects of finding out that your husband likes his co-worker and has probably had an affair with her can be devastating. It’s tough to get over the fact that he cheated on the holy matrimony you both share.

However, it is essential to move on from the incident for the greater good. In which case, you have two options to consider after you discover: you either end it in divorce or begin to map out ways to salvage the situation and save your marriage.


How Do I Know If My Husband Is Cheating at Work?

Cheating is a severe matter, and you should be very sure of the evidence before leveling the allegations. However, the above-listed signs of a cheating husband at work can tell if your husband is cheating at work, mostly when they occur in multiple instances.

What Are the Warning Signs of a Cheating Spouse?

You might notice a visible change in your marital affairs once you’ve got a cheating spouse. Behaviors such as lack of attention, constant conflict, and negligence of duties are some of the glaring signs your husband is cheating at work.

What Is the Best App to Catch a Cheating Spouse?

mSpy is the best app to help you catch a cheating spouse beyond doubt. It allows you to snoop through his phone for calls, texts, social media chats and collects them on a single remote dashboard.

Final Thoughts

It could be tough to live with the fact that your husband is cheating. What’s even worse is not being able to shake off the feeling that he’s seeing someone at the office. You could use the tips above to get an idea of what a cheating spouse behaves like and if your husband likes a coworker.

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