How to Spy on Someone’s Texts Without Any Steep Technical Expertise or Risks of Exposure?

How to Spy on Someone’s Text Messages
How to Spy on Someone’s Text Messages

Texting has become second nature to us. Every day, people send billions of text messages containing everything, from trade secrets to love texts, deceptive contents, and whatnot. As such, text spying apps are powerful surveillance tools that can help you discover important information that people around you may be trying to hide from you.

SMS is supposed to be one of the most secure texting platforms in the world. It would take a remarkable technological feat to circumvent the security checks of the SMS platform to spy on text messages.

The reality is that there are many effective ways to spy on someone’s text messages, but most of them are only ideal for ethical spying. In this guide, we present a step-by-step guide to using some simplest yet most effective ways to spy on someone’s text messages. These methods require no prior technical experience and provide regular updates of the target’s text messages.

Reasons to Spy on Someone’s Text Messages

Most people would love to have the superpower of reading anyone’s text messages whenever they feel like it. However, it might be better to seek legitimate ways to resolve your problems rather than resorting to illicit spying activities.

Nonetheless, the issue of the ethical correctness of text spying isn’t black and white. Various jurisdictions and regions have their own unique set of spying laws. Some places allow parents to monitor their children’s text messages without their consent up to the age of adulthood. But in others, parents may need the express consent of their minors to monitor their text messages.

If your reasons for spying on someone’s text messages come close to or fall into any of these categories of reasons for spying, you might have the moral and legal justifications to do so after all.

  • Parental control: Parents have the legal and moral authority to keep track of who and what their young ones are interacting with.
  • Spying on your partner: This is where the line defining ethics begins to get blurry. Ideally, your significant other ought not to keep anything from you. They ought to give you unrestricted access to their phone. But in the case where you suspect they protect their phone from you because of something fishy going on, you won’t be judged harshly for spying on your loved one’s texts to see if the relationship is indeed worth it.
  • Employee tracking: It’s totally ethical to monitor your employee’s text messages to keep unruly behaviors under check.

How to Spy on Someone’s Text Messages on Their Phone?

Obviously, the easiest way to spy on someone’s phone would be to pick up their phone and scroll through their messages when they leave their phone behind where you can find it. Watch their routine closely without raising suspicion to figure out times when they drop their phone and leave to another room or focus on other activities. You only need a few minutes per time to view their text messages. But you can only get so lucky every time you pick up their phone.

A text message spy technique that precludes the need to pick up your target’s phone every time is the text forwarding feature. Simply open the settings menu on your target phone, navigate to messages settings, and then specify the number you want your target’s text messages forwarded to. However, your target can easily figure out this spying plot and thwart your efforts.

How to Spy on Someone’s Text Messages without Their Phone?

With top-notch apps to spy on text messages, you can effectively eliminate any risks of getting caught when spying on someone’s text messages. These apps disappear into the background of the target phone the instance they’re installed.

They transmit the target phone’s data discretely to your user dashboard, which you can access anytime, anywhere, on your smartphone or any smart device at your disposal.

Depending on the app you choose, you might be able to get real-time updates of your target’s text messages. The real-time updates could reveal not only the contents but also other information on the texts, including the identities of the senders/receivers and the time/date stamps.

How to Use a Text Message Spy App on Android?

How to Spy on Someone’s Text Messages

For the purpose of practicality, we’ll show you how to deploy a spy app on your target’s phone.

Step 1. Register for an Account

Head over to the app’s official website, fill out the sign-up form, select a suitable subscription plan with an Android text spying feature, and then confirm your subscription.

Step 2. Install the App on the Target Phone

Check your inbox for the confirmation email. This will contain details of your subscription and further instructions on how to set up the app. You only need a few minutes of physical access to the target phone to implement the installation instructions.

Step 3. Start Tracking Your Target’s Text Messages

Once installed, the app will begin copying the target’s phone data and sending it to your phone secretly. You can then log into your dashboard anytime, anywhere, to check up on your target’s incoming and outgoing text messages. 

How to Use a Text Message Spy App on iOS?

How to Spy on Someone’s Text Messages

With spy apps, you can begin to spy on someone’s text straight off the bat without the need to access their phone physically. Spy apps work by siphoning phone data uploaded on their iCloud account.

You can pull off a discrete spying campaign without ever having to touch your target’s phone if you know their correct iCloud credentials and are certain that iCloud syncing is active on their phone with short update intervals.

Here’s all you need to do to begin monitoring your target’s iOS text messages:

Step 1. Register for an Account

Go to mSpy’s official website and then click on the “Get Started” button. Fill out the registration form and select a suitable subscription package with an iPhone text spying tool.

Step 2. Key in Target’s iCloud Credentials

Check your inbox for the confirmation email. Download and install the app on your phone as per the instructions in the confirmation email. On the app’s home page, you’ll find a field where you can key in your target’s iCloud credentials.

Note that you also need to ensure that the iCloud account is not protected by two-factor authentication, which might alert your target on their other devices about your login attempt.

Step 3. Begin Tracking Your Target’s Text Messages

Once you’re able to key in your target’s iCloud credentials successfully on the app, you can then log in anytime to view updates of their text messages. Note that the app can transmit your target’s text messages only as fast as the interval set for their iCloud syncing.

Are SMS Spy Apps Undetectable?

Top-notch spy apps allow you to render your text monitoring campaign conspicuous or inconspicuous at any point in time, depending on your spying needs. If you set up a high-end spy app for stealth operations, you can rest assured that your target will never have the slightest clue that their text messages are being monitored.
In stealth mode, these apps do not generate any indication of strange app activities on the target phone. The app can continue to run indefinitely without your target ever noticing any app icons anywhere on their phone, nor a significant drawdown of phone resources like processing power, battery charge, and data.

Are SMS Spy Apps Free?

Fortunately, some first-rate text spy apps offer free trials to give users a feel of the app’s operations before paying anything for it. These trials can run anywhere from a day to several days or even a week.
Some also offer money-back guarantees, meaning that you can ask for refunds within a stipulated time frame and pay absolutely nothing for all the time you used the app. 


Text spying tools literally give you superpowers to unearth secrets around you. You don’t need to be a genius or have a fat wallet to know how to spy on text messages. You also don’t need physical access to their phone to check up on their text messages every time.

With a top-notch text spy app, you can execute your text spying campaign from start to finish without breaking a sweat. The apps can be installed in a jiffy, and they come with a crisp, intuitive user interface that’s super-easy to navigate.

What’s more, first-rate text spying apps also come with a raft of other spying tools to give you fuller coverage of your target’s phone activities to increase your chances of finding something substantial. They also work with stealth operations, so you can worry less about getting caught and more about how to handle any disturbing information you may stumble on.

So, if you still wonder on how to spy on texts, spy apps are your perfect solution to save your nerves and get all the truth you need.

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