How to Get Texts from Another Phone Sent to Yours: Reviews of the Best Spy Apps

Getting texts from another phone is a difficult process. It can be nearly impossible to get them sent to yours if the person doesn’t have any spy apps installed on their phone or they are not interested in letting you read their messages. This article will help you find the best app for your needs, so that you can easily get text messages from another phone without having to worry about it again!

So what is spy app and how can in help you to get text mesage from another phone?

Spy app is a software that get installed on another phone and allow you to get all messages sent from it.

The best spy apps can get text message, emails, facebook or skype conversations monitoring , whatsapp messages reading etc .

There are lot of spy apps in the market but not every one of them work well. The best way will be to read reviews about different products before buying any specific one for your case – this article might help you with that too! It’s worth noting that most popular applications have monthly fee associated with them which vary depending on what exactly do they offer (some even require payment per month). In addition some may come up as “free” while advertising their trial but actually get hidden behind conditions.

Some of the features you get in spy apps:

  • get texts from another phone
  • android and ios devices support (most popular ones)
  • whatsapp messages reading etc .
  • facebook or skype conversations monitoring
  • location tracking using gps/wifi/network sources;
  • geofences, speed limits detection available as well.

Also there is a chance to get access to all device’s data stored on its memory like photos , videos , address book contacts etc . You can also have it forward sms’es, calls logs and chat history between user’s phone and yours so that you get them right after they are sent /received even if your boyfriend /girlfriend has deleted them already! Some spy apps even allow you to record surroundings and listen what is going on around the device.

Spying on text messages can help to protect your children

There are many ways for keeping an eye on your children or employees activity without letting them know that they might be followed . Some of these methods include location tracking, social media monitoring, call logs checking and sms reading. These tools may help you find out where exactly your child is spending his/her time while parents think s/he studies at school , whether son /daughter has visited any questionable websites etc . You can always check how often does he use certain applications like Snapchat which were not meant for kids but still it doesn’t look so good when such things happen.

Lets review the best app to see text messages on another phone on the market and find out which one is the best for you:

1. mSpy

Maybe the best app that answear on question “how can i read text messages from another phone”. Its available on Google Play and App Store, this app allows to read text messages online , monitor call logs as well as social media activity including Facebook Messenger. Other features include location tracking and the ability to record surroundings remotely . The only drawback of mSpy is that some data can be found there without having a phone in hand such as contacts list.

mSpy futures:

  • read text messages online
  • monitor call logs and social media activity including Facebook Messenger.
  • location tracking and the ability to record surroundings remotely.


  • great price, very easy to install with no technical skills required;
  • allows live chat with customer support available 24/7;
  • good quality of service; many options for customization (from password protection to blocking apps).

2. eyeZy

Next great spy application among others with similar functionality . Eyezy stands out from other apps since it has quite unique functions like GPS Tracker or Geo Location Monitor allowing users not just track an object (phone or any other item) but also receive notifications when someone enters specified area. Furthermore, parents will appreciate many useful functions like:

  • SMS Tracker;
  • call logs tracker;
  • E-mail alerts on every new incoming message.

3. Flexispy

Flexispy is another way to read text messages on another phone . It is a powerful app with plenty of functions, but also has some downsides. Flexispy allows reading text messages remotely on another phone via Android or iPhone.

Flexispy futures

  • keystrokes logging;
  • call logs and contacts monitoring;
  • emails tracking.

But there is a drawback – you can use Flexispy just for personal reasons, it means that only phone owner has the right to track his own device. If your current mobile was stolen or lost and someone else wants to monitor texts on it – this tool cannot help too much with such cases! But if you want to protect yourself from cheating spouse or intercept text messages remotely, then try FlexiSPY right now! It’s easy-to-use interface always helps parents and employers:

  • spying on children’s phones (mobile spy);
  • monitoring employees’ devices (phone spy).

4. Cocospy

Cocospy can be also used for personal purposes, but at the same time it’s a perfect solution to read text messages from another phone. It enables you to track device usage and receive all incoming/outgoing messages on your email address – so don’t worry about missing any important information! Keep in mind that this spy app can be installed just once per phone, which means that if someone else wants to use it too – he must first buy his own license!

Here are some of Cocospy features:

  • emails tracking;
  • message sender location.

5. Fonewatcher

Fonewatcher and how to read someones text messages with it. Also, it is possible to read text messages from another phone with this app. As well as other programs in the list: Hoverwatch and Spyera , you need to install it on the monitored device first. Then just sign up for a free account and enjoy all its features. If you want more control over what happens – go pro!

This spy program gives an opportunity to track iMessages, photos/videos shared by users, contacts lists etc. Read texts from another phone – no problem at all because Fonewatcher takes care of everything!

Fonewatcher futures:

  • track whatsapp and viber messages
  • get full access to facebook messenger, instagram and other social media chats.
  • install it on any android device (no jailbreak required for iPhones)
  • have complete control over the phone: lock/unlock camera or uninstall apps remotely; take pictures with front or back cameras whenever you want; record surroundings by an activated mic.

You can easily spy on someone’s mobile activity as soon as they install Fonewatcher! Feel free to use this app – don’t worry about your kid’s safety anymore! You will know what he is doing all day long – where does he spend time, who are his friends etc. All of these activities monitored by a reliable anti-theft app.

6. uMobix

uMobix app is another reliable spyware. It’s also easy-to-use and works good on all Android devices (no jailbreak required for iPhones). This application is perfect for every parent who wants to protect their children.

the pros of umobix:

  • it’s easy to install
  • compatible with both iOS and Android devices
  • available in 14 languages, including Chinese, German etc.
  • high customer support service which will answer all your questions immediately.

The price for this monitoring app is also affordable – only $49/month or $499/year!

7. Spyera


How to get texts from another phone sent to yours with this app?

The app will help to know if your spouse or kids are cheating you, as well as monitor employees and more! This application has a lot of functions that can be used for different cases: listening through calls (record phone calls), tracking GPS location, access contacts list, email history with attachments etc.

Track Facebook messages sent from another phone without installing anything – just log in Spyera online control panel and check their updates! Also this system works good not only for Android but also iOS devices. The price for this monitoring tool is affordable too – $299/year or $49/monthly fee.


In final words , mSpy is a great app that has a lot of useful features, which will help you to control your kids and employees. And this is our #1 choice of best spy apps, which will definitely help you to track everything on the target phone.

There are no alternatives with such futures as mSpy has. If you are looking for spy app with good control panel, wide device coverage and affordable price – this is your choice.

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