How to change your phone ID by using the best spoofing app

How to change your phone ID by using the best spoofing app

Have you ever thought about why people use fake phone numbers? It seems to be strange. But believe they have a lot of reasons for this. Spoofing app provides you with a possibility to hide your true phone ID. By using it, you can protect your phone number from importunate customers, clients, or creeps without any issues or investments. Such kind of applications plays a role of a burner phone line.

In other words, spoofing app is a mobile phone application that uses a modern technique to protect your privacy when making phone calls to other people.

How spoofing app works

When it comes to spoofing app, people can think that this is a trick widely used by phone scammers and pranksters for dishonest purposes. After different curious situations, it’s difficult to trust such kind of applications. So, it’s easy to understand why you can’t trust spoofing app.

However, there is a lot of reasons to use spoofing app in useful purposes. You can use such kind of applications not only for unwanted fake calls. It’s legal to use spoofing app in the United States if a call doesn’t contain harmful or fraudulent content.

So, spoofing app is an application allows replacing your true phone number with a fake one.

How to choose the best spoofing app

You can find several free spoofing apps on the Google Play or Apple App Store. As usual, they provide users with a limited number of fake calls and allow only sending fake calls. Other spoofing apps that provide users with extensive functionality are paid. If you don’t know which spoof app to choose either a paid subscription or free one, you can follow a simple tip: you get what you pay for.

And it’s a great idea to try a free trial before purchasing a paid subscription. If you are looking for the best spoofing app providing users with the ability to send calls or messages from the spoofing call number, pay your attention to SpoofCard. While choosing a suitable spoofing app, check its compatibility to Android or iOS regarding OS installed on your device. One more important thing about spoofing app is its compatibility with phone service carrier, including T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon. Before purchasing a spoofing app, you need to learn its description on the Google Play or Apple App in details.

Why you need spoofing app: the most important reasons

Why you need spoofing app: the most important reasons

When it comes to spoofing app, people very often think about meanness. Somebody can think if you use a fake cell phone number, you want to wrong your subscriber or do something illegal. However, we want to dispell a myth! You can use spoofing app used in useful purposes. In this article, I will provide you with a list of the most useful and productive professional and personal use cases of spoofing app. Here we go!

Online dating

While you prefer online dating, this is a real catch to call from the fake phone number. If you have decided to search for your soulmate by phone, with spoofing app you can go without creeps and psychos. You are able to hide your real phone number during the communication with your sexual or love partner. Spoofing apps including SpoofCard allow protecting your personal call number while dating online. With SpoofCard, you can send and receive calls or text messages to your partner without them knowing your real phone number.

If your online partner turns out to be another person, you need no to block him/ her or even change your personal phone number. This will allow you to relax and enjoy your communication with different people while online dating.


ECommerce is one of the most widespread fields where people use spoofing apps to hide their real phone number. Sometimes, it’s very important to hide it while selling items online. In the eCommerce field, conversations that contain information about your payment data or ways of delivery need happen via phone or text messages. Spoofing apps play a very important role in this case because allow hiding your real phone number in order to communicate with your target audience entirely anonymously. It helps prevent different further problems regarding your sales.

Spoofing apps including SpoofCard allow communicating and sending or receiving text messages to your customer via the fake phone number.

After the transaction successfully completed, you can remove your fake number to prevent different issues caused by the deal. Your customer will not be able to communicate with you anymore because they don’t have your private contacts.


Healthcare is also one of the fields that very often demand to hide a real phone number. Due to the possibilities of spoofing app, healthcare professionals can communicate with their patients without them knowing their real private phone numbers. Doctors, vets, and nurses need to communicate with their patients at work, but they don’t need to do this while they have a rest. So, the most reliable way to protect yourself from annoying patients is to use spoofing app. This will allow doctors and nurses to avoid annoying patients who like to overwhelm them with questions whether it’s day or night.

Spoofing apps play a very important role in the healthcare field when doctors, nurses, social workers, veterinarians, and other medical professionals communicate with their patients entirely anonymously without fear of sharing private information.

Collections Agencies

Collection professionals do hard work while collecting payments from their customers. And this work can bring about different issues because of problem customers. Collecting payments is a hard task that demands from the collectors a lot of patience. However, sometimes, emotions are running high. This is the main reason why collectors use fake phone numbers while communicating about business. Spoofing apps enable managing and controlling payment data of a huge number of customers without sharing their personal information with them.

How to communicate with people by phone safely

How to communicate with people by phone safely

In the contemporary world, there is a huge number of situations when you need to hide your real phone number. A lot of pitfalls are hidden in phone communication with other people, including phone harassment and unwanted spam calls. Fortunately, you can hide your real phone number from your subscriber with spoofing app.

By using spoofing app, you can avoid hassles between two phone numbers that exist on your phone. It allows changing your caller ID to any phone number you want. Spoofing app for iPhone can be used as an unlimited burner or second phone number.

Top 5 free spoof app for Android

Now, you know what spoof app means and why different people use them in private and professional purposes. Are you interested in how to choose the best spoof app for Android? Today, Android is one of the most popular OS for mobile phones. You can find a lot of spoofing apps for Android on the Internet. Some of them are free, some offer a free trial, and some of them give free credits to test the service. Let’s consider the top 3 free spoof app for Android! Here we go!


Primo is the best spoofing app for Android. With Primo app, you can make voice calls, send and receive messages, communicate via video chats and share files.

Best features provided by Primo spoofing app:

  • Free call to over 60 destinations;
  • Text messages;
  • Free unlimited chats and calls via Primo app;
  • Sharing files, including documents, videos, pictures, and others.

Call Spoofer

Call Spoofer is one of the most popular free snoof apps for Android. It allows changing your phone number on your preferable one and changing your voice such as male to female or female to male. By using Call Spoofer, you can get free test credit or purchase a paid subscription.


CrazyCall is one more spoofing app for Android. A list of available features includes caller ID spoofing and voice changing.


BluffMyCall is one of the best spoofing apps providing users with a trial version to test the service. The application offers its users the most useful spoofing features, including caller ID spoofing, call recording, voice mailing and even voice changing.


SpoofTel is one of the most convenient and easy to use spoofing app for iPhone or desktops. But this brand is going to produce spoofing app for Android and Blackberry platforms.

SpoofTel provides users with high-quality spoofing features:

  • Spoofing of caller ID;
  • Writing text messages, making voice calls, recording calls;
  • Schedule calling;
  • Fax spoofing, Local number, Toll-free number, and voicemail service.

In conclusion, we hope that we have dispelled a myth about mean or dishonest purposes of spoofing app use.  There is a lot of use cases of spoofing apps in different fields in useful professional and private purposes, including online dating,  healthcare, eCommerce, collection agencies, and so on. When it comes to choosing the best spoofing app for Android, you can pay your attention to Primo and Call Spoofer. If you a happy owner of the iPhone you can choose SpoofTel that is one of the easiest to use and reliable spoofing applications. Also, they are going to release an option for Android and Blackberry platforms.

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