How Can I Tell If Someone Blocked My Number From Texting?

How Can I Tell If Someone Blocked My Number From Texting?

Kik continues to grow as one of the most popular instant messaging apps. Users of the platform can send text messages and share media files like photos and videos. To secure personal information and guarantee its users’ privacy, Kik has several security features in place. One of such is the ability to block someone from messaging you.

If you block someone from texting you, they’ll no longer be able to send you any messages. Likewise, when someone blocks you, they won’t receive any messages from you. Kik won’t send you any notification that a particular person has blocked you. You find out you can’t message the individual.

There are many reasons a person may block you on Kik. Maybe your ex-girlfriend doesn’t want to talk to you anymore; she might go-ahead to block you on all IMs. She probably wants her space, and deciding not to speak to you might give her some closure from the breakup. While it’s important to respect such personal decisions, there could be a pressing reason you want to talk to them.

So how then can you text someone who blocked you on Kik instant messaging platform? Before we delve into that, let’s see how you tell if someone blocked your number on Kik.

How Can I Tell If Someone Blocked My Number on Kik?

How Can I Tell If Someone Blocked My Number From Texting

There are two basic ways you can tell if your ex has blocked your number:

1.   Send a Message

If a person has blocked your number, any message you send to them won’t be delivered. Get your phone, open the Kik app, and start a chat conversation with the person. The message will display ‘S’ as soon as it’s sent and ‘D’ once delivered. If you don’t get the latter after some time, it only means one thing – you’ve been blocked. Except the person unblocks you, there’s no way they’ll see that message.

2.   Start a Group

Alternatively, you can start a group with the target person to see if they have blocked your number. Since Kik doesn’t permit starting a group with a blocked contact, this method makes for an excellent way to find out. If you’re unable to start a group with the person, it means you’re sitting comfortably on the block list.

How to Text a Blocked Number?

How Can I Tell If Someone Blocked My Number From Texting?

When a person blocks you, they don’t want to talk to you. But what if there’s something vital you need to tell them. For example, your ex-girlfriend blocked your number, but you need to clarify specific issues. How then do you text a blocked number?

It’s impossible to text a blocked number, except – of course – you unblock the person. Similarly, you can’t text someone who has blocked you on Kik. You have to seek other alternative measures to reach the person. You can either call the person via phone or send SMS. But if they have blocked you on Kik, there’s a considerable chance they’ve blocked you from calling or texting them.

If you need to talk to your ex who’s blocked your number, there are a couple of options you can try:

Open a New Kik Account

You can simply open a new Kik account and search for the person who has blocked you and message them. However, it won’t take long for them to block you again once they find out it’s you.

Open a New Kik Account:

There’re tons of social media chat apps out there. If you’re lucky enough, there might be one or two where your partner hasn’t hit the block button. You might be able to message them on such IMs.

Use SpoofCard Service:

SpoofCard might just be the option to reach someone who has blocked you. The service allows you to use another ID to text someone who has placed restrictions on your line. With SpoofCard, your ex can receive any text messages from you, but with your number completely hidden. You can also call with the new ID number SpoofCard gives to you.

To use the service, you first have to download the SpoofCard app. Then choose SpoofText and select New SpoofText. Enter the phone number of the person you want to text, and then the number you want to be displayed on the person’s phone. SpoofCard gives you 100% anonymity to reach anybody, anywhere.

How Can I Call Someone Who Has Blocked My Number?

If someone blocks your number from calling them, it’s important not to keep stalking them. However, there might be situations – like in emergencies – where you urgently need to reach an ex-spouse who has blocked your number. When you can’t get immediate access to another phone, there are ways you can get around it.

For iPhone Users

How Can I Tell If Someone Blocked My Number From Texting?

You can bypass the iPhone blocking system by hiding your Caller ID. That way, the other person gets your call without your number showing up. Instead, they’ll see “No Caller ID.” To activate this function, go to:

  1. Settings > Phone > Show My Caller ID.
  2. Then unselect the “Show My Caller ID” button, and the slider will turn gray.

You can now easily call anyone who has blocked you from your iPhone.

For Android Users

How Can I Tell If Someone Blocked My Number From Texting?

Just like with iOS, bypassing the block function on Android involves hiding your Caller ID. To do that, go to:

  1. Settings.
  2. Click on the three dots at the top and select Settings from the dropdown menu.
  3. Select Advanced > More, and you’ll see the Caller ID options.
  4. Select Hide number, and then press Cancel.

You’ve successfully hidden your Caller ID and can now call whoever has blocked you.


It’s difficult to reach someone who has blocked you, but luckily we have many solutions for that. For starters-you can try texting them! Our article includes all the steps required to get your message across if they’ve put up an invisible shield against everything from calls and texts to emails or even face-to-face interactions with loved ones.


Will someone see my number or texts in a group text if blocked?

No, they won’t see anything. A blocked person can send text messages in a group chat, but they will not be delivered

Is there a way to send a message to a blocked recipient?

If you need to talk someone who’s blocked your number, there are a couple of options that might work for getting through.
First off all – open up another account on Kik and message them from there instead (or just send an emoji). If they still refuse after doing this then reach out via other social media apps like Facebook or Instagram Messenger as well! Finally if those don’t work either keep trying SpoofCard Service

How do I know if someone blocked my texts?

It’s simple. Your messages will either be delivered, showing a timestamp for when they were sent and received, or it will show an error message that says “timed out” and your messages won’t arrive.If you have a suspicion that somebody has blocked your messages to them, try contacting them on another form of social media. For example, if the person is still able to see your messages on Facebook or Instagram then they are not blocking you there.

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