10 Surprising Personality Traits of a Cheating Woman to Avoid Being Her Next Victim

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Traits of a Cheating Woman to Avoid Being Her Next Victim

Relationships are all about commitment, and both parties maintain a certain level of expectation from the other person. If there ever comes a time when either one of the couples feels frustrated or otherwise uninterested, cheating is a widespread option as a “way out.”

Where it gets tricky is the discovery bit: it is tough to accurately tell when your partner is cheating (unless, of course, you catch them in the act). According to recent data, the woman in the relationship might still be marginally less likely to cheat, but the chances have gone up quite significantly.

The following paragraphs aim to give you an idea of what a cheating wife’s traits would look like and glaring facts that prove that she’s two-timing in the relationship.

Why Do Women Cheat on Their Spouses?

Social Factors
Psychological Factors
Neurological Factors

As with other human phenomena, the reason women cheat on their spouses doesn’t come down to a single item. There are at least 3 factors behind most women’s infidelity, which is interesting to know, as you are better off understanding what the drive to cheat could be. The 3 main categories of reasons women cheat on their spouse include:

1. Social Factors

It is the most common source of reasons women are likely to cheat, and it’s because it is the most detectable factor. Social status, wealth levels, and the kind of friends she has more or less determines her exposure levels to infidelity.

2. Psychological Factors

The woman might cheat as a result of her psychological setup. Personality plays a huge role in how much exposure a woman has concerning infidelity. Women are generally more sensitive to emotional and physical imbalances in their marriage.

Since they become much more aware of the emotional “void” that might surface in the relationship, there is a higher chance of boredom and dissatisfaction. If allowed to go on for a while, the feeling could culminate into something worse. It could lead to a desperate need to fulfill the unmet desires and stray into infidelity.

3. Neurological Factors

Until recently, you may get away with thinking that the choice to cheat is solely for the individual to make, without uncontrolled precedence. That’s changed, as a study now shows that people with specific gene composition tend to cheat.

The data explains how sex-related receptors in these people’s bodies may drive a cheating wife’s behavior patterns and desires. It is by far the most controversial reason to prove signs that the wife is cheating.

What Are the Main Characteristics of a Cheating Woman?

What Are the Main Characteristics of a Cheating Woman?

Moving on from the reasons to cheat, you need to understand a cheating woman’s features and characteristics. Objectively, there are too many characteristics of cheaters, but below are the more apparent aspects of a cheating woman.

Iffy Communication

In relationships, “Communication is Key,” and when there is a clog in the communication lines, the relationship suffers a significant strain. However, the problem is not as easy as it sounds. I would imagine a tendency to steer clear of having a relationship with people with poor communication skills.

From observation, initial communication isn’t the issue. Where you can begin to get a clue of a cheating wife is when communication suddenly becomes erratic. They still try to reach out and interact with their partner, but with hesitance or withdrawal, which could vary from subtle to obvious.

Aversion to Commitment

10 Surprising Personality Traits of a Cheating Woman to Avoid Being Her Next Victim

It does happen that a cheating woman would not commit to a single relationship, or at least she’ll find it difficult. It means that if you are in a relationship with one, you only need to think back to the early stages of the affair and see if she genuinely commits.

She might enjoy the “fun” and allure of having multiple love interests at a given moment. Going by the logic that a serious relationship demands commitment, which would mean she has to formally cut off the other men, she might become hesitant to go down that route.

What you see is a woman who never really puts a definition to the relationship, and when you look more closely, the relationship might be an utterly one-sided affair.

Not a First-Time Offender

One of the most blatant giveaways of a cheating woman is the fact that she has cheated once. The same is true for males as it is for female cheating, and in this case, there is clear precedence for a repeat act. She might have accidentally done it in a previous relationship. However, it only increases the chances of happening again in another relationship.

One of the plausible reasons for the behavior is that a cheating woman may likely get over a cheating accident and go on to find a tenable excuse to justify her actions, creating a vicious cycle of cheating, explaining, and repeating. The cheaters’ behavior patterns are relatively familiar in society, and there is a common saying, “once a cheater, always a cheater,” as a result.

Ridiculous Privacy Levels

10 Surprising Personality Traits of a Cheating Woman to Avoid Being Her Next Victim

Ever felt it normal to go through your partner’s phone? A cheating woman would make the process a lot harder for you. She develops a comical stance on her private stuff due to specific reasons. She might have things she’d rather her man doesn’t see, or she doesn’t want a mix-up between her man’s profile and that of the other guy.

Also, she might not bear the guilt of her infidelity and try to keep anything related to the act under lock and key to handle the situation.

Therefore, it is not uncommon to see social media messages and texts locked behind excessive numbers of security layers. In some cases, she might extend the list of secret things to family and friends.

Lying Prowess to a Fault

One thing all cheaters have in common is the ability to tell a slick lie. Unfaithful women can lie and are mostly exceptional at it. After going through the cycle of consistently trying to justify her infidelity, you should expect that a cheating woman becomes artful in manipulating the truth to suit her needs.

She would know the very basics of a good lie. Rather than go all the way to tell a complete lie, she might include a certain amount of verifiable truth in the mix, so you would always fall for her hollow excuses and promises.


Women who cheat would go to great lengths to touch everything but the point in a discussion. Good luck getting them to talk about Derek, who texted late last night. Her explanations would be vague and unclear, and when you press harder for the point, she switches on you. She could change the topic or, worse, her mood.

Wild Jealousy

10 Surprising Personality Traits of a Cheating Woman to Avoid Being Her Next Victim

Life is chock-full of ironies, and in the case of a cheating woman, she can’t stand the thought that her partner might be cheating on her. She becomes overly sensitive to the other women with whom you talk. She either doesn’t want you to have the kind of illicit freedom she does or wants to justify her cheating affairs by having the infidelity dirt on you as well.

Emotional Limbo

When she is not giving as much as you require emotionally and giving only so much to keep the relationship on minimum support, she’s most likely cheating. It usually happens when she’s tired of the relationship and doesn’t see reasons to invest emotionally anymore. A cheating woman would go further to deprive her main affair emotionally, to invest in the other cheating relationship.

Disparate Social Life

For a cheating woman, her husband is not her best friend, as most people would expect. She’d rather have a completely separate social life away from her partner. It echoes her disinterest in the relationship and the fact that she’d rather have the affair split on your account.

Unreasonable Demands

Check for bloated expectations when you bum out on how to tell if your wife is cheating. When a woman is cheating, there is the tendency to acquire an expanded appetite for desires. It is often a result of the other partner’s perceived failure in meeting emotional, sexual, or financial demands. Therefore, keeping an illicit affair together with the main one is an option to augment the lack.

How to Tell If Your Spouse Is Cheating?

How to Tell If Your Spouse Is Cheating?

An unexplained change in behavior and attitude are telltale signs that your wife is cheating on you. If you begin to notice these changes without proper explanation, you may have cause to suspect that they are cheating.

For example, if she starts setting boundaries to her personal space without a reasonable explanation, it probably means another character elsewhere in the scene. It is especially true when you both shared your private things in the past.

How to Catch a Cheating Spouse?

Thanks to the availability of spyware and monitoring applications, you can conveniently gather evidence on a cheating spouse. There are many solutions on the market, but mSpy is the best software that can help you to catch a cheating partner quickly.

mSpy — The Best Solution to Catch a Cheating Spouse

mSpy is an efficient spyware product that allows you to track phone activities remotely. You can use the software to track and record texts and social media messages and display the data on a central dashboard. mSpy’s main highlight is that you don’t need to be around to track your cheating woman’s daily contacts with the other guy. The setup works remotely.

You have to visit the official website to download mSpy for Android or iOS devices, pick a subscription plan and make the payment. Afterward, you would receive a prompt on installing the application and gaining access to the control dashboard.


What Personality Traits Do Cheaters Have?

It is tricky to say objectively, but some of the “standout” personality traits in most female cheaters are secretiveness and manipulation. Also, they differ by impulsiveness, narcissism, lack of empathy, etc.

Is Cheating a Personality Trait?

No, since people may tend to cheat in a relationship, the personality traits of a homewrecker are byproducts of cheating rather than the cause. However, specific personalities can enhance a person’s chances of cheating.

What Does Cheating Say About a Person?

People who cheat give the impression of a lack of emotional and sexual control. It says that they might be having problems with gratifying desires immediately instead of deferring for the good of the relationship.

How Do Cheaters Act When Confronted?

First, they try to pass the blame. Then, serial cheaters switch over to manipulating the truth and justifying their actions. It is sporadic to have a cheater genuinely admit to the offense unless it’s their first time.

How Do You Know If Your Woman Is Cheating on You?

A dead giveaway on how to know your wife is cheating is that she stops talking to you as much she used to in the past. Other times, she becomes more secretive and protective of things like her gadgets. Also, if she’s always texting in the middle of the night, that’s a big red flag.

Final Thoughts

Cheating in a relationship is wrong and a punishable offense in some jurisdictions. The emotional trauma it causes is also significant, and the victims go through pain for it. Identifying a cheating partner may ease the trouble a bit, and the above-listed points give you an idea of what to look out for when trying to catch a partner you suspect of cheating.

mSpy is a veritable software that allows you to quietly snoop through a cheating spouse’s messages to find out the specifics of their infidelity.

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