Best Sms Trackers App Reviews: 3 Most Popular (updated 2024)

Best Sms Trackers App Reviews

Sms trackers became the most prominent representatives of the monitoring market. The latter expects to reach 9 billion of net revenue by 2023. People want to know what other people write to others, how they communicate and how close they are. In this piece, we’ll cover the top 3 SMS trackers and answer the most asked questions about them.

Can you install SMS tracker remotely?

SMS tracker app

When asking this question, one should understand the nature of the SMS tracker. It is a third-party application, a service that allows recording text messages, bringing them to a place where another person can view them. So, monitoring SMS remotely is 100% possible. But can you set up an SMS tracker remotely?

The answer is yes and no. Yes – for iOS devices; No – for Android. Let’s drill into the subject a little bit.

To install an SMS tracker on an Android handset, you need one-time physical access to it. The application must be downloaded. It operates in stealth mode and its icon is hidden.

There’s another approach for iOS since it’s cloud-based. Ideally, any activity on an iPhone is backed up and stored on iCloud. So, an SMS tracker needs access to an iCloud, not the phone itself. This results in another method of installation. It can be done remotely, provided a user knows the target device’s iCloud credentials and turned on the iCloud backup. That way, a user adds an iPhone to the app’s Control Panel and tracks it from there.

Users love SMS tracker because:

  • They can check how much another person is serious about relationships
  • They can be sure about the future
  • They can make sure that communication is proper (for business mostly)
  • They can stop relationships that take time but not trustful
  • They can check kids to protect them from strangers

Can’t wait to examine the most popular SMS trackers? You’ll get to know what they are, additional features aka opportunities for customers, cons and pros, etc.

Here’s the most outstanding Sms Trackers List:

1. mSpy SMS tracker

It is a “tell-all” application that monitors almost every single activity performed on the target device. It contains about 25 monitoring features, including SMS tracking. So, it fairly can be named WhatsApp tracker, Snapchat or Instagram tracker, or even GPS tracker particularly due to its wide range of tracking features.

This is the exact case when you can ask yourself “can I see my boyfriend’s text messages without him knowing?” and get a positive answer.

As most SMS trackers, mSpy works on iOS and Android devices and is being installed respectively (see the method of installation above). It stands out due to its multi-optional support system: live chat, calls, ticket submission, mAssiatance (full accompaniment from the very beginning), Help Section, FAQ section in 6 languages.

mSpy SMS tracker is a giant and long-player on the monitoring market. It started in 2010 and promised to track SMS and a couple of some basic things. As far as communication channels evolved, it expanded its functionality and grew into a comprehensive tracking app. Let’s name its pros and cons in brief:


  • Comprehensive set of monitoring features (about 25)
  • 24/7 complex customer case support
  • Flexible subscription plans and price policy
  • Reputable in the field
  • GDPR compliance (your data 100% protected)
  • Easy to install and use
  • Compatible almost with all devices
  • Undetectable


  • Tech inconveniences when Apple launches updates
  • Troubles when the 2-factor authentication is asked
  • Late updates due to the bad Internet connection

2. eyeZy SMS tracker

The spectrum of features is way poorer. But it does read text messages, even deleted ones. “Can I read my wife’s text messages?” Yes, if that’s the key feature you want to use.

It reads only WhatsApp, iMessage, and BBM but this messenger is not that used. It promises to work on iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile. Also, it says that it sends remote commands that are designed to disable some features of the app.

The app officially helps parents and employers to “gather proof” about someone. However, this kind of apps is used mostly by romantic partners.

3. MobileSpy Sms tracker:

mobilespy logo

It is a same-way SMS tracking app, one of many representatives on the market. It is also more than an SMS tracker. MobileSpy tracks instant messengers, online activity, calls, etc. The app boasts of its managerial features, such as wiping out the device and locking it.

It also allows viewing photos and videos exchanged via text messages. Speaking of them, very often they speak volumes about relationships and the character of communication between people.

For those who don’t like monitoring from mobile and want to do it sitting in an armchair and sipping cocktails, this SMS tracker is definitely a solution. It enables tracking from any desktop. Moreover, it’s possible to switch to another device within one account. 

In a nutshell, the app is fine for people who want to check only text messages. However, with its price, it’s better to pick mSpy which tracks, besides SMS, instant messengers, online activity, calls, and GPS location simultaneously. It’s a way better tradeoff.

What to pay attention to when picking an SMS tracker? Here are the most practical tips to follow:

  • Make sure the app is a long-player in the field. These apps undergo lots of cyber attacks because there are people that fish for personal data of customers. If this one survived, it means it’s reliable.
  • Make sure it complies with the GDPR guidelines. It’s the EU law about how the data must be stored and shared. It doesn’t give you complete confidence in an application but meantime it speaks volume. 
  • Make sure they have a solid customer care system and you can reach out anytime. Have you ever faced the situation when they promise only an email as a channel of communication with the staff? A solid company means it is reachable. Not solid – there a bunch of people there who copied the material and gathered to offer something.
  • Use their trials: just give it a shot and try this out. You’ll understand for sure if it’s a fit for you.  
  • Make sure it is undetectable by most known anti-viruses. Good companies verify all the time whether their flagship product can be uncovered. Anti-viruses evolve, so have to SMS trackers.
  • Verify payment systems: again, reputable companies work with multiple financial ones because they trust each other.
  • Make sure media do not “hate” too much these apps (again, it’s optional, be wise, but still, you can listen up to the article which delves into data security. item
  • Look at the demo: you definitely see if it’s a somehow crafted app or a reliable service provider.


Finding an SMS tracker is not a problem. To find a good one, accurate, reputable, and timely delivering the needed information – that’s the challenge. You need to do your homework and drill into the subject of SMS trackers. Also, you can always follow the advice of tech experts who tested out it for you and conveyed it in the clearest way.

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