Best Call Blocker Apps For Android and iPhones

Best Call Blocker Apps For Android and iPhones

Smartphones have considerably contributed to our comfortable way of living. Now we can reach anyone without the need to wait a couple of days for the answer. But, with all the benefits of smartphones, sometimes they may even help people to violate someone’s privacy.

All of us sometimes receive calls from shopping companies who want to promote their stuff, yet taking your valuable time. It can also be an annoying ex who keeps buzzing you. Is there a way to get rid of those calls and live a more private life?

Luckily, there is. With the selection of call blocker app, you can choose the software that really works. Continue reading to discover the list of best call blocker apps to try and get to know how they work.

How To Block Any Number On Any Mobile Phone?

Let’s consider the old-good way to restrict someone from calling you – blocking the number on your smartphone. The method works for both Android and iPhone operating systems and is straightforward.


If you block a number on any iOS device, you will stop receiving calls and messages from this number. To make the phone reject the calls, you need to go to Settings of your iPhone, then choose Phone, select Call Blocking & Identification and tap Block Contact. From now on the contact, you added to the so-called blacklist won’t be able to reach you.
You can also block someone right from the in-built Phone app. Just tap the number who called you, scroll down to tap Block This Caller.


As Android is more of free space for different software developers, the call blocking method depends precisely on your phone model. But, the default way to restrict someone from calling you requires you to block any contact from your recent calls list.

On older versions of Android, you will need to go to the in-built Phone app and choose Call Settings. Here move to Call Rejection and set the Auto Reject List. All the numbers you add to the list will be unable to contact you.

Another method to keep your space more private is to install a call blocking the app. Compatible with both operating system it can help you to stop unwanted calls.

How Does Call Blocker App Work?

How Does Call Blocker App Work?

There are lots of call blocking options on Google Play and App Store, and all of them work similarly. Call blocker app is the mobile software, which is meant to restrict specific phone numbers from reaching you. It isn’t limited to only blocking. Call Blocker allows users to reply all calls with an auto-SMS, choose the numbers to accept phone calls from and quickly clear phone history.

Usually, such apps are free. Although, some applications offer you to upgrade to Premium to access some advanced features. With the paid version of the app, you can remove ads, back up contacts to the server and use other options.

But every other app on Google Play and App Store is different. You may stumble upon super-positive and awful user testimonials. So, how to decide which one call blocker app is the best? We have gathered a list of the best call blocking apps for both Android and iOS users.

Control Your Incoming Calls With These Best Call Blocking Apps For iOS

Control Your Incoming Calls With These Best Call Blocking Apps For iOS

Call Control

With 12 million users worldwide and 4.4 ratings on App Store, Call Control applies smart block technology to reject calls from spammers, scammers and shopping companies. The app is free to use, which is indeed a risk-free opportunity to make your digital space free from annoying calls.
Call Control rejects spam and spoof phone calls automatically and allows users to create personal blocklists. The app has caller ID identification so you can look up any number.


Truecaller is another calls management app. Truecaller has a broader feature set that Call Control app. The app identifies and warns you about spam calls before you pick up. Moreover, Truecaller allows you to message friends and family in their in-built chat.

The free version of the Truecaller app allows you to use all basic features including spam calls &SMS blocking, powerful dialer and smart messaging system. To get rid of all ads, you will need to opt for Premium subscription, which is $1.99 monthly.


RoboKiller claims they will help users to answer the phone with confidence. As the number of scammers grows exponentially, this app will help you prevent anyone you don’t know from contacting you.
Except automatically rejecting the spammers, the RoboKiller app allows you to set up the blacklist manually and stop intrusive calls.

Mr. Number Call Block & Lookup

Mr. Number is the ultimate spam prevention app that helps you to avoid interruptions and enjoy using your smartphone as you like it. Mr. Number allows you to create a personal blacklist and protect your digital space from unwanted calls.

The app has a spam detection feature. It warns you about incoming scam calls, so you can instantly know who is trying to reach you. Neighbor scam protection feature helps to avoid calls that start with the numbers you add. So you can manually customize all the settings of the app and control your every connection.

Hiya: Caller ID & Spam Blocker

Hiya is another call blocker app that keeps robocalls and telemarketers at a distance. The unknown callers will be identified by Hiya app: you will see the number of the caller instead of anonymous caller ID.

What’s good about this app is that it supports Apple Watch. So you can block numbers and look up callers right from your Watch.

Manage Calls On Your Android Device At Ease – Use These 5 Apps!

Manage Calls On Your Android Device At Ease – Use These 5 Apps!

Should I Answer?

Should I Answer app is the first option for Android device owners to help them establish a safer online space. The Should I Answer app uploads database of phone numbers and checks every incoming call. Once the number is reported as spam before, it will be immediately blocked.

Should I Answer contain all your call information? You can use this app instead of your in-built one to see the call history, access your favorite contacts and call anyone.

Call Blocker

As straightforward as its name is, Call Blocker app follows your primary goal: it rejects incoming calls. The application uses little of your device space. Helping you to clear out your digital space of scammers, the app doesn’t drain your battery much.

Call Blocker has different block modes, which enable you to allow only whitelisted calls, block unknown calls or block all calls. Call Blocker is free and requires no in-app purchases.

Call Control – SMS/Call Blocker

Call Control applies advanced phone call blocker to protect Android users from spammers and scammers. The app uses smart community blocklist to leave no chance for robocalls and telemarketers. You can also create a customized blacklist to prevent anyone from contacting you.

The Call Control app also allows you to control all interactions on your mobile phone. So you can decide who can send you text messages and avoid endless spam in your inbox.

Calls Blacklist

Calls Blacklist app is similar to the previous one in the list. It helps users to ignore constant calls and protect your privacy by blocking unwanted conversations.

To make sure anyone you like won’t reach you, you need to arrange a blacklist in the Calls Blacklist app. The app will then revert the incoming call. You can import your blacklist to another device, which makes Calls Blacklist easy to use on many mobile devices.


More than 70 million downloads prove that Whoscall is a powerful blocking solution. The app identifies unknown callers and blocks unwanted calls.

Whoscall recognizes spamming and can prevent phone calls from telemarketers and other similar organizations. To let the app, manage your calls you need to set Whoscall as your default phone app in the settings. Since then you can use your device without constant interruptions.

As you see, there are many blocking apps that can help you prevent unwanted communication. But what about other options? Not every good app is on Google Play. So as parental control tools like mSpy and FlexiSpy. These two monitoring apps helps you to block any caller on your own or your kid’s device.

To begin using the parental control app, you only need to install it on your mobile phone. After you set up the app following the on-screen instructions, you can create a blacklist of contacts you don’t want to receive calls from. The app will block the numbers straight away.

Whether with call blocking app from the list above or with parental control app, you can be sure you won’t receive unwanted calls.

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