Never Feel Guilty about Eating Nachos Again! Loaded Vegan Nachos…That Actually Taste Good

Nachos and Cheese are one of those snack I can eat on the daily. Often times I have had nachos and cheese for dinner. They’ve been a great companion to The Bachelor, Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy…oh the good times we’ve had.

You may have read my post about cashew cheese and the benefits of nutritional yeast. Once I discovered I could use this cheese for nachos, I immediately broke out into a happy dance and elevated my nacho game BIG TIME.

Never Feel Guilty about Eating Nachos Again! Loaded Vegan Nachos…That Actually Taste Good

I’m not kidding you really won’t miss regular cheese on these bad boys.

First whip up a batch of our MVP (most valuable player), cashew cheese.

Then here’s what you’ll need for the rest (feel free to use whatever amount of each ingredient below)

Tortilla chips (try blue corn, organic if you can)

Cashew cheese (desired amount)

Black beans (I recommend ¼ cup)



Black beans


How to make it:

Place nachos on a plate. Top with cashew cheese and black beans. Microwave for about 30 – 45 seconds.

Remove from microwave and add remaining ingredients or whatever ingredients your heart or tummy desires. Sit back and let those tastebuds dance 🙂

If you made this recipe or have any other suggestions for toppings, I’d love to see how it turned out and how you modified it. Snap a pic and tag with #eatliveandplay on Instagram and Twitter!


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  • Hi Trudy! These vegan nachos look incredible! I’ve never heard of substituting cashews and nutritional yeast for cheese, so I’ll have to look further into that! Sounds like a great alternative when you’re trying to eat less cheese. It was fantastic meeting you this past weekend — you have a stellar blog! Keep in touch! 🙂