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Hello and welcome to Eat, Live and Play! I’m super excited that you’re here!

Healthy food and a healthy lifestyle should be fun, so the goal of Eat, Live & Play is to take the boring out of a plant based approach to life.

I’m not gonna wag my finger at you if I see you eating a deep fried Oreo but I will help you to replace those sugary, not so good for you foods with tasty alternatives.

Like some of the other food bloggers out there, I don’t have a beautiful romantic story to tell about how I grew up on a farm and stood shoulder to shoulder with my grandma as we milked the cows.

To be very honest, as amaaaaazing as my mom is – she is not the best cook (sahweee mommy) so growing up I had to get quite creative in the kitchen to ummm remix some of mom’s recipes.

Let’s keep it real shall we, healthy eating can sometimes be a wee bit pretentious and pretentious I am not. If I trip on the sidewalk, I’ll laugh at myself right along with you.

I don’t pretend to have all of the answers but I am a lifelong student of nutrition and have always believed in food being a form of medicine.

Here’s what you’ll find on this blog:

Plants and a loooot of ‘em – When I build a meal, I start with veggies in mind first and build it out from there. There are so many ridonkulous benefits of eating whole plant based foods as often as possible, so this will make up the bulk of ingredients.

Meal planning tips – I cannot stress this enough. If you fail to plan, plan to fail. At the start of each week I develop a meal plan consisting of meals that will last me throughout the week. That leaves my weeknighst open for watching The Bachelor, Scandal, Game of Thrones etc etc I will share these awesome time saving tips with you so you TOO can be a TV junkie 😉

Easy, peasy meals – Nothing is more frustrating that seeing a picture of a beeeautiful recipe only to click on it and have to scroll through a list of 22 ingredients, 21 of which you can’t even find in your local grocery store. I love you too much so will not do this to you. ‘Ain’t no body got time for that! (insert head roll and two snaps here)

Sustainability – Yes a big scary word but this need not be a scary subject. I will teach you how to maintain a plant based approach so that you never have to count calories and tremble when you step on the scale. Adapting a whole foods plant based approach is a great way to stop yo yo diets foreva. PERIOD

And SOOOOO much more!

In keeping with the art of balance and creating harmony in life, I believe that decadence and health can co-exist in your diet. Since deprivation has been proven to lead to over eating, I’ll help you strike that balance between healthy and indulgent recipes. In fact if you were to take a gander through my earlier posts you may see things such as toasted marshmallow milkshakes brownies. I’m not going to make you say buh bye to those delights forever but I will show you how to balance them.

Now that I have adopted more of a healthy lifestyle I actually thought about deleting those posts however I decided to leave them there to show you that balance is possible and transitioning your food choices was even possible for a sugar monger like me!

I want you to be able to whip up an easy a weeknight dinner for the fam and create effortless inspired gatherings on the weekend with friends after a long week.

The recipes you’ll find on this site have either been developed by myself or have been curated from cookbooks, magazines or amazing bloggers around the web. Recipes that are meant to be quick, easy and delicious using every day seasonal ingredients.

When you entertain, I want you to take joy in having another day to spend time with loved ones. That’s why I believe in quick entertaining recipes that will allow you to cherish connections with your family and friends over a great meal.

I want this to be a place where you discover yourself and leave feeling inspired, from you first click to your last.

I’m so excited that you have decided to join me on this journey to live more simply and to embrace wellness in your lives.

I hope that you will enjoy all that Eat, Live & Play has to offer you.

Enjoy life2

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