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Hey! I'm Trudy

Culinary Nutrition Expert, speaker and author of the  book Unbreakable dedicated to helping you uncover simple healthy eating solutions so t​hat you can eat healthy with ease!

Look I don’t care what anyone tells you, you DON’T need to ​count calories ​or slather yourself in kale to be healthy.

I’m going to explain health and nutrition to you in realistic language that you can understand. There is so much BS out there in terms of how to live healthier and my goal is to cut through it all for you.

Will I say crazy things sometimes?  Yes, but that’s just me keepin’ it real!

​I’m passionate about helping you to live healthier while providing time saving practical health hacks.

New Book

Unbreakable: 7 Rock Solid Habits to Your Perfect Weight and a Healthier Lifestyle: NO WILLPOWER REQUIRED!


In Unbreakable, Culinary Nutrition Expert Trudy Stone reveals the 7 most effective habits for achieving long-term weight management and health. Use these seven habits, and you win – BIG TIME. Neglect them, and life will be a never-ending cycle of dieting, exhaustion and lack of motivation.

With straightforward and easy to apply tips, Unbreakable will teach you rock solid habits to make real, lasting change in your life without deprivation and relying on willpower.

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