Here’s how I help busy professional women:

Build practical healthier eating habits
A healthy lifestyle doesn’t need to be complicated
Create effortless healthy meals
Throwing together tasty healthy meals quickly is possible
Be healthy even if you’re busy
Your health doesn’t have to be sacrificed because you’re too busy


Look I don’t care what anyone tells you, you DON’T need to drink Kombucha every single day, dry brush your skin or slather yourself in kale to be healthy.

I’m going to explain health and nutrition to you in realistic language that you can understand. There is so much BS out there in terms of how to live healthier and my goal is to cut through it all for you.

Will I say crazy things sometimes?  Yes, but that’s just me keepin’ it real!

I am Trudy Stone, a certified Culinary Nutrition Expert and I help busy women build healthier habits by taking the confusion out of healthy living while providing time saving practical health hacks.

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